A young couple sits at the top of a mountain after a summer hike and eats a vegan snack.
10 Seriously Tasty Vegan Snacks You'll Want To Take On Summer Hikes

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There's nothing quite like reaching the peak of a mountain on a summer day and taking in the expansive views. The experience can leave you feeling accomplished, blissful, sweaty, and — if we're being totally honest — hungry. Navigating the lush trails and stopping only to hydrate and re-tie your shoes can really work up your appetite. Do yourself a favor before heading out on your adventures and pack the best vegan snacks for summer hikes in your bag.

They'll make your tastebuds soar and feel on top of the world, much like you do when you've reached your final destination. Some are made with refreshing ingredients like green tea, mango, or sea salt. Others have an amazing crunch and unexpected burst of flavor that'll make you want to rave about them on social media once your WiFi isn't so weak. The most notable part of each of these snacks, though, is definitely that they're vegan and made with items you may have in your kitchen already.

They can also be enjoyed whether you consider yourself a vegan or not, and whether you're taking on the great outdoors or not. However, if you have a summer hike in your schedule, consider tossing some of these tasty snacks in your bag before you go. Unbelievable flavors are up ahead.

A Pack Of Flavorful Broad Beans

The first of these snacks are the flavorful broad beans known as Bada Bean Bada Boom. They come in tons of unique flavors including sweet sriracha, everything bagel, mesquite BBQ, and sweet cinnamon. If you pick some up, you can expect to have a protein and pun-filled afternoon.

A Caffeinated Energy Bar

Let's be honest: After a long hike, you could use a little kick of caffeine. But, it's not always ideal to drag your black coffee up the mountain so you can enjoy it there. Enter, Verb. These are the energy bars you'll likely forever want to pack on summer adventures, because they're made with organic green tea and come in bold flavors like lemon raspberry.

A Chocolate Chip S'mores Cookie

Summertime calls for s'mores. And although you're not setting up a campfire during your hike, you can enjoy a chocolate chip s'mores cookie courtesy of Maya's Cookies. They come in two-cookie packs and, according to their website, the brand was voted San Diego's Best Vegan Baked Goods in 2017 and 2018. To say the least, you're in for a real treat.

A Roasted Seaweed Snack

Are you a diehard fan of Trader Joe's? If so, then you may have already gotten your hands on the Roasted Seaweed Snack. You may have already experienced the lovely hint of sea salt, or the dash of sesame oil. Go pick up another pack of 12, OK?

A Pack Of Organic Kettle Corn

Popcorn fanatics, unite! There's a yummy vegan and organic kettle corn on the market you need to know about. It's from Project Pop and is made with a splash of Himalayan pink salt you'll adore. Right now, this snack is sold out, but you can go online and subscribe to be notified when it's available again.

A Bag Of Cauliflower Crackers

Those who consider themselves a vegan or frequently make a vegan dish at home know that cauliflower is a superhero food. It can be turned into pizza crust, and now these hike-worthy crackers from Thrive Market. They'll add some paprika to your life right when you reach a peak.

A Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bar

Say "aloha" to your go-to protein bar. The ALOHA protein bars will likely become a staple in your pantry after you try one for the first time because they're plant-based and packed with the nutrients and flavors you adore. For example, the peanut butter chocolate chip ones have roasted pumpkin seeds and peanuts inside.

A Crunchy Birthday Cake Cookie

Reaching your destination when you're on a hike is well-worth celebrating. Why not celebrate with a birthday cake cookie, in the company of the great outdoors and hiking buddy? Partake Foods has a bunch of different flavors you can try, including Crunchy Carrot Cake and Crunchy Double Chocolate Chip.

A Bag Of Sprouted Mixed Seeds

This bag of sprouted mixed seeds will certainly do the trick when you want to refuel, and give you a taste of essential vitamins and minerals. Head to Thrive Market to get some for yourself.

A Greens-Packed Smoothie Drink

Don't underestimate a green smoothie that's made for those who are on the go. Bolthouse Farms's Green Goodness one will make your tastebuds soar, all while cooling you down on your summer hike. On those 80-degree days, having a very refreshing snack like this in your backpack is #essential. Don't sleep on it, or the other vegan snack and meal possibilities.