A woman looks into a jar of oats in her kitchen.

These Baked Oats TikTok Recipes Will Seriously Sweeten Up Your Breakfast

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Baking is the latest trend to take over TikTok. First, there was baked feta pasta you likely saw everywhere, and then, you started scrolling past mouthwatering baked brie creations. Now, there are baked oats TikTok recipes that will have you racing to your kitchen to test out a new dish for breakfast. You've had oatmeal before, but these baked oats dishes are so much more flavorful. In fact, these recipes might even turn you into a morning person because of how excited you'll be to make and taste them.

For instance, you could start off your day with something extra sweet. Live out your childhood dream of eating chocolate for breakfast by whipping up chocolate baked oats with raspberries on top. Or, you could enjoy birthday cake-inspired baked oats when it's not even your actual birthday. There are also plenty of other flavorful treats among this list of TikTok baked oats recipes, such as tiramisu baked oats that'll pair so well with your favorite coffee.

Whatever baked oats recipe you decide to try first, it's sure to sweeten up your morning. So, be sure to carve oat some time in between your morning yoga and checking emails to enjoy a serious treat ASAP.

Chocolate Baked Oats With Raspberries Or Oranges

If this is your first time making baked oats, you might want to start simple by trying chocolate baked oats. TikToker @abigail_sophiaa has an easy-to-follow video that shows how to prepare both white chocolate and milk chocolate baked oats. There are also topping suggestions like raspberries for the white chocolate, and oranges for the milk chocolate.

Biscoff And Banana Baked Oats

If you're a cookie butter lover, you butter try this Biscoff and banana baked oats from TikToker @ktmybev. The delicious treat has a creamy cookie butter center, and you can find this TikToker's full recipe on Instagram.

Peanut Butter Banana Berry Baked Oats

These peanut butter banana berry baked oats are like a fancy version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The recipe comes from TikToker @wellnessbykay who also shared a tasty single serving PB&J baked oats recipe you'll want to check out.

Tiramisu Baked Oats

If you love tiramisu, you'll definitely want to try this tiramisu baked oats recipe from TikToker @renoutoften. To get that espresso-soaked ladyfingers taste, use some cold brew in your mix. The video also features helpful tips like adding fillings to make your oats extra gooey.

Birthday Cake Baked Oats

Party like it's your birthday with these birthday cake baked oats from TikToker @goldenthekitchen. This is such a simple recipe that you can mix all together in the blender. Then, top off your dish with some vanilla yogurt and sprinkles.

Blueberry Baked Oats

Make yourself these blueberry baked oats from TikToker @claudzeatz. They taste just like a muffin and will pair so nicely with a glass of blueberry lemonade for a brunch that's berry delicious.

Cinnamon Baked Oats

If you're looking for a super sweet treat, try these cinnamon baked oats. Don't be afraid to get creative with your toppings. Add some fresh fruit, nuts, and caramel drizzle just like TikToker @plumesweets does.

S'mores Skillet Baked Oats

You'll want s'more of these s'mores baked oats from TikToker @goldenthekitchen. The baked oats serve as the graham cracker underneath the chocolate and marshmallows. Bake all of that goodness in a skillet, and serve it up for movie night.

Brownie Baked Oats

Enjoy dessert for breakfast with this brownie baked oats recipe from TikToker Ramya Ravuri (@cookwithramya). This is great to enjoy on its own, but you can also have fun adding extra ingredients like walnuts or peanut butter chips.