Baby Yoda from Disney's 'The Mandalorian' peaks around a concrete wall.

These Baby Yoda Cookie TikToks Will Show You "The Way" To Cute Snacks

The second season of The Mandalorian may have ended weeks ago, but you're still not over Baby Yoda's cuteness. The tiny green alien has truly stolen a piece of your heart between the scenes of him sipping soup, looking for a snack, and eating blue cookies that he obtained using The Force. Why don't you follow these Baby Yoda cookie TikTok tutorials to make yourself a treat that Grogu would totally approve of?

Since the third season of The Mandalorian is likely not coming out for a bit (As Jon Favreau confirmed in a recent interview with Good Morning America, The Book of Boba Fett will be filmed first, and come out in Dec. 2021.), these Baby Yoda treats will be a great way to channel your love for all-things Stars Wars. Some are easy and just require a cookie cutter and colorful frosting, while others are a bit more complex and could potentially take up an entire afternoon.

You can start with the easy recipes and work your way up to the difficult desserts. Or, you can truly test your skills and see if you can conquer the tough tutorials like a Jedi. Either way, you'll want to have the show on in the background and your Baby Yoda plush nearby to take the cutest pics with your final product. Here are five Baby Yoda cookie TikTok tutorials that'll show you "the way" to cute snacks and treats. They are truly out of this world.

This Tutorial Starts With Colorful Dough

With a little bit of food coloring, you can make a colorful base for your Baby Yoda cookies. Just take a note from this TikTok user who places brown and green dough together to create the body and outfit of The Child. Then, use a cutter and bake the shape. This base is easy to add eyes, ear details, and even some hands.

This Tutorial Uses A Cookie Cutter You May Have

If you just finished up baking cookies for the holidays, then you may have an angel-shaped cookie cutter laying around. Grab it to make these easy Baby Yoda sugar cookies, which just require rolling out your dough and cutting out the angel shapes.

From there, you'll want to cut off the angel's heads, making sure that your cut looks like a slight curve upwards to create Baby Yoda's head. Once your cookies have baked, you can decorate them with a little green and yellowish-brown frosting, or leave them as is.

This Tutorial Is An Epic Adventure For Baby Yoda Fans

Baby Yoda fans with a deep passion for baking need to try out this recipe that's anything but boring. It starts with a bunch of colorful dough that's been formed into shapes, and is linked in the comments of the video. The user then forms the image of Baby Yoda riding in his shell by placing the shapes in specific carved-out spots. At the end, the user cuts to reveal the image, which is, of course, adorable.

This Tutorial Encourages You To Get Creative With A Design

Once you have sugar cookie dough rolled out on your counter, you can really get creative with the design you make. This user creates the Baby Yoda shape using a special cookie cutter that's shaped exactly like The Child. But then, they add a Santa hat to him by using a sharp knife to draw the shape over his head.

Watch the tutorial on TikTok for #inspo for your own designs. Then, roll out your dough and see what festive Baby Yoda you can make at home.

This Tutorial Breaks Down Frosting Your Baby Yoda Cookies

Putting frosting on your Baby Yoda cookies is a must. It turns them into Grogu, the cutest character in all of Star Wars land. This tutorial on TikTok breaks down how to frost your cookies once they've cooled so that they look like something you'd get at a bakery. Follow each step using a decorating bag and tip to get all the right details on Baby Yoda's face, coat, and ears. (Of course, the holiday lights are optional.)