Baby Yoda drinks soup from a bowl in 'The Mandalorian'.

TikTokers Are Making Baby Yoda Cocktails That Are Almost Too Cute To Sip


From his adorably floppy ears to his big eyes, there's so much to love about Baby Yoda. The Child is so darn cute that people are even learning how to make a Baby Yoda cocktail that looks exactly like beloved The Mandalorian character. As Baby Yoda — aka Grogu — sips his tea, you can be sippin' on a homemade green margarita or punny midori sour in no time. You just need to follow these TikTok tutorials that'll show you "the way."

TikTok isn't just for dance challenges and LOL-worthy memes. It's also a great resource for new recipes to try out in your kitchen. In fact, for your next rewatch of The Mandalorian, you might want to check out some recipes and mix up a few Insta-worthy drinks. Not only are these seven Baby Yoda cocktail recipes green like the character, but they're garnished in a way to make them look just like Baby Yoda is staring back at you.

These cocktails are almost too cute to sip. That's why you need to document your sips with a few snaps of your glass. This way, you can post on your feed and remember how strong the cuteness was. You might even want to make your very own TikTok video to inspire your followers to make their own drinks to enjoy on Star Wars Day or just another Mando Monday.

This Baby Yoda Margarita

Mix up a traditional margarita with your fave tequila for this Baby Yoda margarita. It's super simple, especially if you use margarita mix. The step that makes this drink so special is the final touch where you add lime and cherry garnishes to give your glass the Baby Yoda look.

This Baby Yoda Cocktail

This vodka-based cocktail is extra fruity with lime vodka, pineapple juice, lemon lime soda, and lime sherbet. The sherbet is what gives this Baby Yoda cocktail its green color and makes it look like a boozy float. Be sure to add lime slices for ears and grapes for Baby Yoda's eyes. You can also take it up a notch by adding some burlap fabric to the base for a coat.

This May The 4th Be With You Cocktail

This May the 4th be with you cocktail was created for Star Wars Day, and is perfect for happy hour at home. It has kiwi, lime juice, agave, midori, white rum, and ginger beer. This sip calls for leftover kiwi slices for Baby Yoda's ears.

This Baby Yodarita

This Baby Yodarita is for true Jedis. If you're ready to take on something a little more complicated, this spicy marg is just that. Along with muddled jalapeños, you'll also need triple sec and orange juice. Use your leftover jalapeños for eyes and slices of lime for Baby Yoda's ears.

This Advanced Baby Yoda Cocktail

If you consider yourself a skilled at-home bartender, try this advanced Baby Yoda cocktail. This recipe calls for eight ingredients, including muddled basil leaves, an egg white, and blueberry basil simple syrup. The garnishes are detailed with basil leaves for Baby Yoda's ears, and they are clipped onto the glass with mini clothespins. If you're up for the challenge, not only will this drink be delicious, but it's sure to get you a ton of likes on the 'gram.

This Gin Baby Yoda Drink

Gin lovers will want to try this tasty and simple Baby Yoda drink. You just need to muddle together a few green ingredients like lime, cucumber, and mint leaves before adding the gin of your choice. This recipe calls for blueberries on a skewer for Baby Yoda's eyes.

This Yodari Sour

Try this Mando spin on a midori sour that's perfectly named a Yodari Sour. There's even a mojito recipe in the same video with a punny Mando-jito name. Mix one of each for you and your partner to try as you rewatch season two and wait for season three.