Queen Charlotte sips a cup of tea while sitting on her throne in 'Bridgerton.'
These TikToks Show How To Set Up Afternoon Tea & Feel Like You’re In ‘Bridgerton’


Since watching Netflix's Bridgerton, you've likely asked your housemates if they want to have afternoon tea a thousand times. You just want to feel like a cast member in the romantic, Shondaland-produced series, and spend an hour of your day snacking on scones and finger sandwiches. Convince the crew to have a lavish afternoon with you by showing them one of these afternoon tea TikToks.

These afternoon tea TikToks will inspire you and your housemates to lay out a tablecloth, bake a bunch of teatime treats, and start a new tradition right at home. After you pour tea from your very own floral teapot, you'll be hooked and gather in your kitchen for tea time every day to gossip and recite the very best quotes from Queen Charlotte. You may even decide to Zoom with another group of friends who's doing the same in their home, and take photos of your teacups raised in the air.

Truth be told, afternoon tea can truly be an Instagram-worthy moment — especially if you print out fake copies of Lady Whistledown's paper or serve your drinks on a silver platter. Be sure to gather up fancy napkins, layered snack trays, and your housemates to recreate some of the best afternoon tea TikToks at home for a Bridgerton-inspired day.

This Video Breaks Down The Ideal Afternoon Tea

Setting up your afternoon tea may seem a little daunting. How do you know what type of snacks to serve, and in what type of plates, bowls, and platters? Use this TikTok teatime video as a guide, as it shows the snacks to serve and easy decor to lay out, too. The TikToker tucks flowers next to a setup of tea, fruit, and pastries to create movie-like vibes.

This Video Will Have You Buying A Fun Teapot

Afternoon tea isn't complete without a fun teapot, right? After you watch this TikTok video, you'll be convinced, and probably start surfing the web for your own pretty pot. You might even order some loose-leaf tea with floral notes that will surely complement your pot and make it so Instagram-worthy. Take a few notes out of this TikToker's playbook, and take any photos or videos of your afternoon tea at golden hour.

This Video Gives You #Inspo For Your Graze Table

If you don't already know, a "graze table" is a table loaded with snacks like tiny sandwiches, vegetable sticks, and cheese and crackers for you and your housemates to casually snack on. It can be filled with anything you enjoy eating, but this TikTok video will give you major afternoon tea #inspo.

It shows a table jam-packed with cake, specially-cut fruit, and characuterie boards. Pull a few snacks out of the mix to prepare for yourself.

This Video Proves That Less Is More

You don't necessarily need to go all out for afternoon tea. You can simply brew your favorite chai, and then head to a window in your home that's illuminated by the sun. You can put on the relaxing playlist you have on your phone and take a moment to be at peace. This TikTok video proves that sometimes less truly is more, and shows how your chill afternoon tea could look.

This Video Turns Afternoon Tea Into A Celebration

Is one of your housemates celebrating a birthday soon? Plan an afternoon tea in their honor, with the help of this TikTok video. It breaks down an afternoon with homemade pastries, layered trays of gourmet-looking snacks, and a cake with gold, glittery candles. You can recreate it all with your housemates' help and have an afternoon of clinking glasses of rosé and filming a TikTok of your own.