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28 IG Captions For Afternoon Tea & Taking A Cozy Snack Break

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If you need a little caffeine paired with a tiny sandwich in the afternoon, you're not alone. Some of us need a break around 2 or 3 p.m. to enjoy a snack, relax, and sip a soothing cup of tea. It can be a sweet time to chat with friends over FaceTime who are taking a little pause from their day, too. It can also be a great op to snag some new content and post a pic with one of these Instagram captions for afternoon tea.

Let's be honest: Your spread is always immaculate, between the looseleaf tea bags, clotted cream, adorable jars of jam, and sweet delights. You may have a teapot that would make Pam from The Office or the characters of Netflix's Bridgerton proud. Tucked under your plate, you may even have some fancy napkins with flowers printed on them, too. It's an oversight to lay everything out on your kitchen counter or patio table, and not take a photo of cozy atmosphere you've created.

Not to mention, the photos you can take of your afternoon tea setup are endless. A few you may consider snapping include: a close-up of a lemon slice floating in your chai, an overhead shot of your table and your hand pouring the tea into your mug, an eye-level snap of your mug with your bright windows in the background, and a selfie with your biscuits and tea sandwiches galore. If one of your BFFs is tuning in to your afternoon tea via Zoom or FaceTime, you may even consider clinking your mugs to the screen for a candid shot, too.

For all of those pics you'll probably take, post them on IG with one of the following captions for afternoon tea. Not to be cheesy, but they're pretty tea-rrific.

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1. "Having a virtual afternoon hangout was a tea-rrific idea."

2. "I kind of feel like I'm cheating on coffee."

3. "Pinkies up."

4. "I like you, but I'm a little chai."

5. "Dear, chai. You'll always be my best-tea."

6. "Consider this photo my audition for 'Bridgerton'."

7. "Chai there! What are you up to this afternoon?"

8. "Putting my mug collection to good use."

9. "What would you rate this afternoon tea spread?"

10. "Tiny sandwiches, big dreams."

11. "When life gives you lemons, put them in your tea."

12. "My new favorite tradition with myself is afternoon tea."

13. "Tuning in to FaceTime with my tea."

14. "Socializing is not my cup of tea."

15. "If good vibes had a flavor, it would be this tea."

16. "Another day, another charcuterie board."

17. "Move oolong, nothing to see here."

18. "Welcome to my very own cat café. Today we're serving cuteness and afternoon tea."

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19. "This is what logging off looks like."

20. "Would you look at the time, it's tea o'clock!"

21. "Did I bake another batch of cookies? Yes, guilt-tea."

22. "I've found the perfect drink to go with all my banana bread."

23. "This is a tea stan account now."

24. "You want a picture of tea? Just leaf it to me!"

25. "Taking life one sip at a time."

26. "Does it get any better than afternoon tea?"

27. "More tea, please."

28. "We oolong together."

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