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This Fun Way Of Cutting Potatoes Is Trending On TikTok & I See Why

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Potatoes can be enjoyed in a number of ways, like baked, mashed, and fried. But have you ever tried accordion potatoes? People all over the "For You" page are slicing their veggies to look like mini accordions, and it's changing the foodie game. You'll be so inspired watching these accordion potato recipes on TikTok, you'll want to get to your kitchen ASAP to try them out for yourself.

The best part about these viral potatoes is that they're not only Insta-worthy, but if you slice and season them just right, you'll get the most delicious and crispy homemade fries you've ever made. They look very similar to Hasselback potatoes, but accordion potatoes are sliced on both sides. That's what creates the accordion look that you can pull apart and display on a skewer, which is where you should begin your potato journey. Once you've perfected skewer accordions, you can get creative like some of these TikTokers and make new dishes. For example, you'll see breakfast sandwiches and hot dogs with accordion potato buns while scrolling through the #accordionpotatoes tag on TikTok. But if you need a good place to start, check out these seven TikTok potato recipes first.

Not only are these videos easy to follow, but they'll provide you with some helpful tips to really perfect that special cut. That way you can become a master chef, and make a whole symphony of accordion potato dishes to enjoy whenever you're hungry.

Skewer Accordion Potatoes

This accordion potato skewer recipe from TikToker @soyceress is great for beginners. It covers every step of the process and even details tips to help with the cutting, like using chopsticks. The chopstick method is what you'd also use when cutting some Hasselback potatoes, so they really come in handy.

Baked Russet Accordion Potatoes

Sometimes, you've got to let other TikTokers make mistakes so you don't have to. For example, this baked accordion potato recipe from TikToker Jamie Milne (@everything_delish) is the second attempt after the first batch came out less than crispy. The changes that helped were using russet potatoes instead of Yukon potatoes, chopping thicker pieces, and slicing thinner lines with chopsticks as a guide.

Garlic Herb Accordion Potatoes

For flavor inspo, try these garlic herb accordion potatoes from TikToker @goodfoodbaddie. You'll slice your potatoes just like you normally would with one side vertically, like Hasselback potatoes, and the other side diagonally. Then, to get the garlic herb taste, you'll spread some garlic herb butter on top before popping it into the oven.

Bite-Sized Loaded Accordion Potatoes

Make these bite-sized loaded accordion potatoes for a fun movie night snack. The recipe comes from TikToker and chef Genevieve LaMonaca (@chefgenevieve), and is super easy to follow. That means in no time you'll have the cutest loaded potatoes you've ever seen.

Accordion Potato Breakfast Sandwich

If you're on foodie TikTok, you've probably already tried the viral egg hack breakfast sandwich. Now, you can take that delicious dish and elevate it with an accordion potato breakfast sandwich from TikToker @dishedit. Basically, what you'll want to do is make your accordion potatoes like you normally would. Then, add the eggs, cheese, and bacon on top to make it a sandwich.

Accordion Potato Chili Cheese Fry Hot Dog

Accordion potato chili cheese fry hot dog is a mouthful to say, but it's also a delicious dish you'll want to eat ASAP. This recipe comes from Josh Elkin (@thejoshelkin), who is a must-follow for anyone looking for fun dishes to try at home.

The way to get the hot dog bun shape out of your potato is to use the skewers to poke through the top and bottom. It should look like a boat, and after frying, it'll perfectly hold your hot dog, chili, and cheese.

Air Fryer Accordion Potatoes

Air frying has really become popular on TikTok with everyone looking to up their kitchen skills at home. You can find some tasty air fryer recipes scrolling through #AirFryerTok, but one you must try are these air fryer accordion potatoes from TikToker @wearegirlswhoeat. Instead of sticking on skewers, you can just throw in your air fryer with all your favorite seasonings.

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