A happy couple fries an egg to make egg sandwiches in their bright kitchen.
This TikTok Egg Sandwich Hack Will Completely Change Your Breakfast Game

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The perfect egg sandwich is a lot easier to make than you'd think. Breakfast can be a struggle trying to get your eggs just right, but this TikTok egg sandwich hack will make the process a total breeze. It's all thanks to one kitchen utensil you've likely been overlooking: your slotted spoon. By using your slotted spoon, you can easily separate your egg whites from the yolks to create the perfect over-easy egg blanket to wrap up the rest of your ingredients in. It's so simple, you might be wondering why you didn't think of it in the first place.

Now is your time to try this TikTok egg sandwich hack for yourself. Simply pull together your bacon, cheese, and whatever other ingredients you'd like to add to your sandwich. Go all out with avocado, tomato, or peppers so you can create the most Insta-worthy TikTok sandwich ever.

Coming up with something unique to you may be difficult, so if you're looking for some inspo on what ingredients to put inside, these five egg sandwich TikToks may help. Consider preparing a different egg hack sandwich each day of the week. After all, every day could be "egg day" if you want it to be.

The Original Egg Hack Sandwich

According to the video, TikToker Josh Elkin (@thejoshelkin) decided to make the original egg hack sandwich after seeing the slotted spoon egg hack on TikTok. This tutorial provides all the instructions you need to try and make yourself a basic bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich.

While the egg whites are cooking, add in your cheese, bacon bits, and pepper with the yolks. When the edges begin to brown, fold it all together like an adorable egg pocket. This makes it super simple to add your egg mix onto your toast instead of assembling everything separately.

This Egg Hack Sandwich With Ham Instead Of Bacon

No bacon? No problem. Instead of the bacon bits that are called for in the original recipe, you can sprinkle in chopped ham like TikToker Jahi Hawkins (@watsupchefson) does. While this tutorial looks pretty simple, Jahi is also honest and lets you know that it may take you a couple times to perfect your egg hack sandwich.

This TikToker Created An Egg Taco Instead Of A Pocket

What makes this sandwich so easy to assemble at the end is the egg white pocket you will prepare. It perfectly wraps around the rest of your ingredients to keep it all together.

If you don't have the room to create a clean egg pocket, you can always try the egg taco technique like TikToker Sagar Chadha (@lagerwithsagar). By only folding over your eggs once, you can create a taco-like egg to place onto your toast.

This Adorable Toasted Egg Hack Sandwich

Instead of switching things up on the inside, you can always toast your egg hack sandwich to make it Insta-worthy on the outside. TikToker Leandra (@leandradiorio) toasts the bread in a Winnie the Pooh-themed toaster, creating a cute bread design.

This can inspire you to try new things with your bread as well. Toast it with a cool design like Leandra, or cut it into a fun shape. You could even use French toast bread for a savory and sweet egg hack sandwich.

This Egg Hack Sandwich With A Hash Brown Patty

The egg pocket can be just the start for your delicious breakfast sandwich. For instance, take this tutorial from TikToker Vince M (@vinnymarch) and create a hash brown egg hack sandwich. After creating a plain egg pocket, add a hash brown patty to switch up your creation.