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These Coffee Hacks On TikTok Will Perk Up Your Morning Routine

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Your morning routine wouldn't be complete without a cup of coffee. The drink is a must-have after you roll out of bed and start to scroll through TikTok. You'd likely define your relationship with your go-to coffee recipe as serious, but maybe not entirely exclusive. It's not like you're brewing tea, but you are totally open to the yummy coffee hacks on TikTok that'll perk up the start of your day.

TikTok is filled with foodie hacks, but nothing beats these coffee hacks. You can typically find them by searching hashtags like #coffeehack or by diving deep into the corner of the app known as #coffeetiktok. There, you'll find a long list of aesthetically pleasing videos of milk being poured into coffee and users brewing the most popular Starbucks drinks at home. TikTokers show each of the steps and necessary ingredients so that you can recreate the drink right in your own house.

That's just a tiny taste of what kind of coffee hacks you can find on the app. Some of the other videos break down how to make espresso without an espresso machine, or how to make sure your iced coffee isn't watered down. Here are five coffee hacks on TikTok that'll totally switch up your typical cup of joe.

Make Starbucks' Vanilla Sweet Cream At Home

If you've ever wondered how to make Starbucks' Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, look no further than this video by TikToker @1cupofcoffee. This TikToker shows you exactly how to brew it, from the amount of milk and syrup to pour in, to the order in which you should add the ingredients to your cup. The final product looks dreamy and so tasty.

Prepare Your Go-To Coffee In Reverse

Spoiler alert: Your go-to coffee is just as good when prepared in reverse. This video from TikToker @alexanderdaviss shows how you can prepare an "upside down" coffee. Basically, you start with whipped cream and caramel in your cup, and then add in your favorite coffee and ice.

Use A Whisk When Creating A Dalgona Coffee

When you're running latte in the morning, the last thing on your mind is creating the perfect dalgona coffee. Well, this coffee hack shows a quick and easy way to create the fluffy coffee of your dreams. TikToker @ingalam demonstrates how to quickly roll a whisk in between your hands to create a super creamy mixture.

Turn Your Coffee Into Iced Cubes

Watered-down iced coffee is the absolute worst, right? Well, luckily, you won't have to deal with it again when you're sippin' at home. Thanks to this hack by TikToker @angelique.cooper, you'll pour coffee into an ice tray, let it freeze, and then drop those coffee cubes into your morning drink. It's pure genius.

Brew Espresso Without The Expensive Machine

Espresso machines can be expensive, and not every kitchen has the counter space to house one. So, @shakybarista teaches how to make espresso without the big, pricey appliance. The best part? It takes about all of a minute to make and enjoy.

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