These 5 Brides Bailed After The Ceremony & It Makes A Ton Of Sense

Some brides want their weddings to be reminiscent of Coachella or a '90s-era New York City clurb-kid rave. From an open bar to a light-up dance floor, weddings can pack a major party punch. Of course, there is no shortage of brides who would rather read a book or have quiet drinks for two than boogie all night long with 250 of their closest friends. If you're not a party person, you plan on eloping, or wedding receptions have never been your speed, these brides that bailed after the ceremony may be your long lost soul sisters.

No matter what your mom, sister, or even your maid of honor may tell you — you wedding is your own. If you're not trying to have a big party, you don't need to feel any pressure to get out and dance. Whether you see you wedding as a serious time to celebrate love, or you'd rather spend money on an amazing trip than food and drinks for a bunch of people, skipping a wedding reception may be the move for you.

I spoke with five brides that bailed after their ceremony, and what they say makes a ton of sense.

Mommy Dearest
"My wedding was my mom's doing. She's a total glamazon girly girl and always dreamed of me having a super crazy wedding. I'm a sweatpants and beer girl and a big wedding never felt right for me. I did the big ceremony she wanted, at the church she wanted, and wore the dress she wanted. But enough was enough. After the ceremony me and my husband left the church to go to the beach."

— Sara, 32

Travel Plans
"My wife and I love to travel. When we realized how much a big wedding was going to cost us, we realized we could go around the world three times for the same cost. After a backyard ceremony we did a small cookout for family, but saved all our time and money to plan a series of amazing journeys."

— Jenna, 28

Numbers Game
I was so uncomfortable with the invite list and the bridal party and all the weird rules that go into planning a wedding. I had a really low-key ceremony at my father's church, and left it open ended. If anyone wanted to come they could, and if anyone wanted to spend time with us after, we said we'd do a small potluck.

— Cami, 28

Not My Speed
"I hate parties. I'm a huge wallflower. That's why I love my husband — he's a wallflower too. We would never in a million years have a big wedding party. Our wedding was a small vow exchange in our backyard and that was that."

— Denise, 26

Attention, Please
"I don't like attention, but my spouse does. He wanted to have a big wedding so much that he offered to pay for it. I went for a bit, but luckily snuck back to the hotel room after dinner and cake. His family is so loud and crazy I don't think they even noticed I was gone, they just wanted to dance."

— Tori, 29

No matter what you do after the ceremony, your wedding is your own. Whether you sneak out the back or cancel the party entirely, your wedding is a time for your to feel the best you can. When it comes to your special day, there's no wrong way to tie the knot.