10 Cool Gift Ideas For The Millennial Bride That They'll Actually Use

by Kristin Corpuz

I'm not married, but after watching my sister tie the knot, I know that one thing's for sure: Newlyweds end up not being able to use some of the gifts they receive at their bridal shower and wedding. Even though the happy couple receives a ton of beautiful (and expensive) presents, a lot of them end up being duplicates or just things that they would never use. As wedding season quickly approaches, you're probably on the hunt for the best gifts for a millennial bridal shower that the couple will actually put to good use (and won't be the same as everyone else's).

You already know that the couple's distant relatives will likely opt for more generic things like appliances, and while those things are useful, there are only so many coffee makers they can receive. You should use this wedding as an opportunity to flex your creative gift-giving muscles, and find something truly special that the bride and couple will value for a long time.

Things like a cocktail making set, gorgeous statement coasters, a cashmere robe, or silk pillowcases are all little luxuries that the newlyweds will be so thankful for. Here are a few creative gift ideas for your millennial friends who are about to tie the knot.

A Cocktail Making Set
BarBlades / Etsy

Now that your friend's tying the knot, that means that they might be the go-to host for all of your friend group gatherings. In order to be the hostess with the mostest, they'll need a couple of crucial accessories on hand. This beautiful cocktail making set comes in super trendy copper, and includes everything they might need to host a night in for your crew.

A Chic Bar Cart For The Bar Set To Go On
Urban Outfitters

Obviously, they can't have a cocktail making set without a cool bar cart. It doesn't get much chicer than this gold cart from Urban Outfitters. It has two shelves so the whole cart can be efficiently organized for cocktail making, and it'll make a beautiful decor piece for their new home with their new spouse.

Unique Agate Coasters
lilpengeeGems / Etsy

Of course, no cocktail party could be complete without a place to leave your drinks. Gift your friend these stunning agate coasters to help add a little more personality to their space. With coasters this unique, they'll definitely be a statement piece in your friend's living room. (And you'll get to use them any time you go over their place!)

A Digital Drawing Print Of A Favorite Photo
PrintcessesUS / Etsy

Your friend and their new spouse will have fun decorating their space together, so why not give them some really unique art? If they're not into hanging up photos of themselves, but still want a way to document their favorite memories, consider getting them a customized print.

PrintcessesUS takes existing photos and creates digital prints of them. The prints make for unique decor that can brighten up any room, and the best part is that the prints are totally customizable. Pick any photo (maybe one of the newlyweds or one of your whole friend group) and see it come to life in a different way.

A Cozy Cashmere Robe
Naked Cashmere

Every bride needs a comfy robe — it's that simple. Splurge on your friend by gifting them a super plush cashmere robe like this one from Naked Cashmere. It's definitely on the pricier side, but your friend deserves to be spoiled at their bridal shower and beyond.

Blue "I Do" Stickers For Their Shoes
David's Bridal

If your friend is in need of their "something blue" for their wedding day, these "I do" shoe stickers are the perfect addition to their look. They're completely subtle and hidden, but that's kind of what makes them perfect. Plus, the gift is extremely affordable, which means that you can add this on to any of the other gifts you choose to get them.

A Super Relaxing Facial
MaaHoo Studio / Stocksy

Your friend deserves to be pampered before their wedding day, so why not give them a facial at a luxurious spa? Facialists get so creative with the treatments that they offer now, so you can gift the bride anything from a crystal healing massage facial to one that incorporates unique masks.

If the bride is based in or near Los Angeles, you should definitely try to get them an appointment with Yolanda Mata, aka Yoliglo. She is a go-to facialist for a ton of influencers and celebrities, and leaves the skin looking and feeling the glowiest it has ever been.

For New Yorkers, you should try to get the bride an appointment at Joanna Vargas' salon. Her "supernova facial" is incredible; the best part is that it finishes with a golden molding mask that leaves skin completely hydrated.

Blue Light Glasses
Quay Australia

This probably isn't what comes to mind when you think of bridal shower gifts, but your friend will be so touched that you thought to get them something practical that they can use in their everyday life. This incredibly stylish aviator-style pair from Quay will help them both protect their eyes and make them look trendy AF.

Silk Pillowcases
Shhh Silk

No fabric feels more luxurious than silk, so you should definitely think about getting your friend something silky that they can use all the time. Shhh Silk makes silk pillowcases in a variety of colors, so your friend will be able to find something that matches their color scheme and protect their hair in the process.

A Fun Face Mask
Dr. Jart / Sephora

Face masks are always a fun thing to do at home, especially for couples. Consider gifting your friend face masks that they can do with their new spouse, like this Shake & Shot one from Dr. Jart. This mask will not only leave the newlyweds' skin looking super rejuvenated, but it's also a fun activity for them to do together.

The concept of the mask is that you have to mix up the solution in the cup, then spread a layer of the mixture all over your face. It eventually hardens enough so that it can be pulled off like a sheet mask. It's a fun, almost science experiment-like experience that your friend and their spouse can enjoy together.