7 Things Millennials Actually Want For Wedding Gifts That They'll Put To Good Use

by Kristin Corpuz

As you live your 20s, more and more of your friends start getting engaged. It's pretty exciting to see the people you care about most embrace this exciting chapter in their lives, and you couldn't be happier for them. And while you're sure to enjoy the wedding celebrations and friend group reunions, there's one important task you have to take care of: the wedding present. You might be wondering, "What do millennials actually want for wedding gifts?" Choosing the right gift might be a little stressful at first, but I'm positive you'll find something that the newlyweds will really enjoy.

Let's be real: Millennial couples don't really want or need 15 different appliances in their kitchen, even if they're foodies who love trying out new recipes. And honestly, chances are, more than one of their relatives will try to get them a toaster oven or a blender. But, you can make your gift stand out by giving them something really thoughtful that they'll actually put to good use.

From honeymoon fund money, to a solid coffeemaker, to a membership at their favorite boutique fitness studio, there are a ton of things you can get a millennial couple that will make them happy on their wedding day. Here are a few of my personal picks. (And to all of my friends reading this, I want y'all to take note for when I get married in a hundred years.)

Funds For Their Honeymoon
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Whether a couple takes off the day after they get married, or they wait a couple of months for things to settle down, likely every couple wants to go on a memorable honeymoon. The problem with traveling is that it can be really expensive, so every little bit of help they can get counts. (Make sure you check out their wedding website to see if there's a place for you to make a donation to their honeymoon fund!)

Quality Luggage That They Can Take On Said Honeymoon

Unless they're already frequent travelers, chances are, they likely don't have quality luggage that could withstand the journey of an international trip, or one that might require a lot of hopping from place to place, like a honeymoon. You and a group of friends can pitch in to get the couple a really nice set of luggage, like ones from Away. Their sets start at $450, the colors are gorgeous and neutral, and they come with a lifetime limited warranty, so the happy couple can travel worry-free.

A Really Great Coffee Maker
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While the couple likely already has an older coffee maker, it's probably time for them to upgrade to a new one. Good coffee makers are relatively inexpensive, and it'll make their daily lives so much better. Plus, every time they brew a pot of coffee, they'll think of you!

The Nespresso VertuoPlus White Bundle is a pretty penny (you might want to go in on it with a friend), but it can make five different cup sizes, and can accommodate both milk and water, depending on what coffee recipe they're trying to make.

Spa Day Certificates
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Everyone deserves to have a day of relaxation, so why not treat the newlyweds to a couple's massage or facials? Millennials really prioritize self-care, so this gift will be sure to make them feel special and loved.

Gift Cards To Clothing Stores They Shop At
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Many people often opt to buy huge ticket items for couples on their wedding day — like appliances and furniture — but people need the little things, too. Many millennials are always looking for ways to update their wardrobe, so maybe consider getting them gift cards to their favorite clothing stores. They can treat themselves to new wardrobe staples as a post-wedding gift.

Gym Memberships And Workout Classes
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It's no secret that workout classes and gym memberships can be expensive, but despite those costs, millennials always find ways to work out. If the couple is particularly active and you know that they'd enjoy a few workout classes more than a new blender, consider gifting them a month of membership at their boutique fitness studio of choice.

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This goes without saying, but financially getting off the ground as a millennial can be difficult — and weddings are expensive. Probably one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get for the newlyweds is some cash. They can put the money toward their bills, groceries, or any other necessities, and they'll be really thankful for it.