Millennial Lilac Is The Gorgeous Wedding Color Trend You’ve Been Sleeping On

For many brides, choosing the right color scheme for your wedding is everything. You might have thought finding your forever person was difficult, but just imagine picking one color to be the color for your special day. Once you've found "the one," though, everything else begins to fall into place. Where do you start when there a million colors to choose from? Consider hopping on the millennial lilac bandwagon. It is the new color of the season, and a gorgeous purple hue that will look so dreamy in your floral arrangements, cake, and bridesmaids dresses. In fact, I've gathered some of the millennial lilac wedding trends you'll definitely want to say, "I do" to.

Don't worry if you have a fall, winter, or even spring wedding, because millennial lilac isn't exclusive to summer. Purple is always invited to the party, and your Pinterest boards will be overflowing with this gorgeous hue. If you need some inspiration to get started, consider any of these nine wedding trends. You're sure to have a colorful affair that your friends and family will want to snap a ton of pictures of. In a sea of purple, you'll be glowing in white, and instead of the original saying, I'm now thinking this is a bit more appropriate: "Something old, something new, something lilac, something blue."

A Lilac Wedding Cake That's Almost Too Pretty To Eat
bellarosecake on Twitter

In my opinion, one of the most important parts of the wedding day is the cake. After seeing the beautiful bride (aka, you) walk down the aisle, the dessert table at the reception is what all of your guests are looking forward to. You want to have a cake that's not only delicious, but so beautiful to look at.

Go all-out with a lavender cake with lilac frosting and adorned with purple flowers. I should warn you, though, it'll be almost too pretty to eat.

Decorate With Lilac Flowers Everywhere
deliciousreal16 on Twitter

The easiest way to incorporate millennial lilac into your ceremony is with the floral arrangements. Consider a fresh combination of lilacs, lavender, and purple tulips for your bouquet. Honestly, you can't go wrong with purple flowers everywhere, and the centerpieces will be so swoon-worthy.

An Assortment Of Lilac Bridesmaids Dresses Will Look Like A Purple Rainbow
emeliaalawrence on Twitter

Your bridesmaids will look regal in an assortment of purple dresses. I'm a huge fan of the mismatched bridesmaids look. Give them one condition to follow — lilac — and the rest is up to them. This allows your friends to choose style dresses they love and might even wear again, while still looking uniform in that lilac color.

It's Your Day, And You Deserve To Wear A Lilac Flower Crown
crown_of_flower on Twitter

You deserve to feel like a princess on your big day, so wear a crown that's fitting of royalty. Many brides opt to wear a flower crown instead of a veil nowadays, because it adds a pop of color to your look. It also gives you a boho-chic vibe for anyone with an outdoor barn wedding.

Walk Down The Aisle In Style With Purple Heels
livingavntglife on Twitter

Your shoes are an easy way to add a subtle pop of color to your bridal look. Get yourself millennial lilac heels or pastel sneakers to wear on the big day. You might even want to go for a pair of comfy lilac-colored flats like these Toms, because dancing it out all night long at the reception is mandatory.

Have Lilac Light The Way At Your Reception With Purple String Lights
blindcerberus on Twitter

There's just something about string lights that's so magical. They add an instant bit of twinkle, and as Marilyn Monroe said, "We are all stars and deserve the right to twinkle." Your wedding especially deserves to shine, so make sure you purchase purple string lights to have a reception with a millennial lilac glow.

Cool Off With Lavender Popsicles
kijuorganic on Twitter

You'll want Instagram-worthy snacks at your reception, and that's just what these lavender lemonade popsicles are for. A lot of brides are getting creative with the reception by offering DIY food bars. If you decide to go with a popsicle bar, allow your guests to dip their sweet treats in different purple toppings, like lilac sprinkles and edible lilac-colored pearls. It'll be such a refreshing treat.

Serve Up Lilac Drinks At Your Bar
derekandliza on Twitter

Some brides like to have a signature cocktail served at their wedding. You can name it after you and your fiancé with something punny. It's also a creative way to save up if you can't dish out all of the cash for an open bar. You'll instead serve one signature drink for all of your guests who are 21 and up. Consider a lavender lemonade that's so delicious for a summer wedding.

Use Lilac Vintage Books As Your Centerpieces
summerset1978 on Twitter

You'll need some cute AF centerpieces for your tables. A thrifty way to bring in the millennial lilac is to reuse vintage purple books. Go to thrift shops to find any purple-colored books, and use those finds as easy, yet rustic-looking centerpieces for your table. All you have to do is stack them together, and they're set to make a statement.