Millennial Lilac Is The One Color You'll Say "I Do" To For Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Millennial lilac is the new fad, and I'm so here for it. That's right: It's giving millennial pink a run for its money. By now, you've seen this perfectly pastel hue make an appearance in some of your favorite brands, from clothing to accessories. Since peak wedding season is upon us, brides everywhere are hopping on the bandwagon as well, pinning millennial lilac bridesmaid dresses to their Pinterest boards as we speak.

For a wedding, the color scheme is a gateway to so many makeup and accessory options for the bridal party. Think ombre eye shadow, lilac lipstick, and lilac rosettes in the hair. The color combo is going to be straight fire, but as every bride surely knows, you have to say "yes" to the dress, first and foremost.

All brides-to-be are in luck, because I've set you up with a list of enchanting lilac dresses that are sure to make your special day even more magical. And to all of my bridesmaids who are reading along: This color is so beautiful, you'll want to rock the dress for multiple occasions after the wedding. Any of these six dresses will be the center of attention, aside from the beautiful bride, of course.

A Maxi Dress For The Beach Wedding

Heavenly Hues Dusty Purple Maxi Dress, $84, Lulus

Your bridesmaids will rock the heck out of this stunning dress. The maxi style is a great choice if your special day takes place on the beach. The look will be complete with glittery gladiator sandals, or you can have your girls walk barefoot. That soft breeze blowing off the ocean with this flowy dress is going to make those pics look so damn glamorous.

A Style That'll Make Everyone Swoon

Violet Lace Dress, $55, Catherine's

Lilac can be rocked in almost any pattern and it'll still be such an appealing color. I don't know about you, but this short-sleeve lace dress is honestly making me swoon. That high-neck is super elegant, and I'd recommend completing the look with some fancy earrings to really make it pop.

A Sweetheart Gown, Because Love Is In The Air

Sweetheart Bridesmaid Chiffon Long Evening Gown, $31, Walmart

Yes, you read that correctly. Walmart isn't sleeping on this lilac trend, either. The sweetheart style is perfect for bridesmaids dresses, and in this color, your group pictures will be so breathtaking. Lilac chokers would make this bride tribe look so Instagram-worthy.

A Halter Top With A Satin Sash Is Always A Good Idea
David's Bridal

V Neck Halter Gown With Sash, $170, David's Bridal

This halter top with a touch of satin around the upper waist is so chic. We all know summer brings on the scorching temps. A halter top will be a great option for your bridesmaids, so they aren't breaking a sweat while catering to your needs on the big day. Let's keep humidity out of the forecast.

The Sweetest Cocktail Dress You've Ever Seen

Zeagoo Women's Chiffon Sleeveless A-line Pleated Party Cocktail Dress With Sash, $25 — $36, Amazon

The ribbon-like sash on the side of this dress really completes the look. It's a cocktail dress, but it can totally be dressed up for a wedding. The after-party will be a breeze for your bridesmaids, because this dress is meant to be danced in. Watch out, "Electric Slide."

Lace, Meet Lilac

Love Poem Lace Dress, $66, Lulus

Oh, lace. I think we can all agree the fabric looks so elegant in this color. The bridesmaids can definitely save this dress for another occasion, because wearing it once isn't going to be enough. Your bride tribe will be a stunning vision getting out of the limo in this number.

This lilac phase seems like it's here to stay, so expect it to pop up in several weddings this summer. Whether you're the bridesmaid or the bride, hop on the lilac trend while you can.