You Need These Millennial Lilac Products To Up Your Insta Game This Summer

With millennial pink products everywhere you look, it's time for another color to finally have its day in the sun — or shall I say the summer sun, to be more specific. Of course, we'll always be thinking pink, but now we've also got lilac on our minds. Step aside, millennial pink, because this summer, lilac is making a splash. As a person who's quite obsessed with purple, I cannot wait to see my favorite color everywhere, and there are a ton of millennial lilac things to buy to make my dreams come true.

When you're relaxing on the beach or traveling to a bucket list destination, you'll want to do it in style. The summer is all about having fun and doing things you love, so you'll definitely be documenting it all on the 'Gram. Your Insta aesthetic will be so on point when you've got millennial lilac making a cameo in every pic.

Since summer is right around the corner, it's the prime time to fill up your shopping cart with millennial lilac. From towels, to headbands, to notebooks, you'll want to get your hands on all of these millennial lilac items for a sweet summer you'll never forget.

Keep This Lilac Felt Board Around To Display Your Summer Mantra

Lavender Lilac Felt Type Letterboard, $46.68, Etsy

Whether you're all about "good times and tan lines" or the "seas the day" mentality, we all have a goal in mind this summer. This felt board is too cute, and it's a great way to keep that mantra displayed all season long. You'll never forget to make every day a sunny one with this board in sight.

Bring Your Fave Girls With You As You Journal The Summer Away

Destiny's Child Notebook, $7.10, Etsy

If Beychella taught us anything, it's that Destiny's Child will forever be squad goals. You'll need a notebook to document all of your epic adventures this summer, so why not make it a lilac Destiny's Child one? You're an "Independent Woman" who knows what she wants, and this notebook is definitely it.

This Lilac Headband Is The Perfect Accessory For Your Beach Waves

Boho Chic Hippie Hair Scarf, $17, Etsy

This headband will come in handy this summer more than you think. Not only can you use it to keep your waves out of your face at the beach, but it will add a pop of color to your staple summer ponytail. Plus, all of your selfies on the sand will have the millennial lilac present.

Stay Hydrated With This Millennial Lilac Water Bottle

Lilac Contigo Jackson Reusable Water Bottle, $8.54, Amazon

Whether you're heading to the mountains for a hiking trip with friends, or taking your pup for a walk on the beach, this water bottle is a staple to have in your backpack. Don't sleep on staying hydrated in the sizzling summer sun.

This Lilac Fanny Pack Is So Sweet For Concert Season

Women's Fanny Pack, $19.99, Target

Fanny packs are making a hot comeback, and they've come along way since the '90s. Gone are the days of bulky neon packs, and now, you can bring this stylish lilac fanny pack on all of your adventures. You'll be traveling a lot this summer, so this small bag will be great for keeping all the essentials with you.

Dance Along To Your Song Of The Summer With These Speakers

WONDERBOOM™ Wireless Speaker, $99.99, Target

I can't wait for chill summer songs to start streaming on the radio. It's always a contest to see what hit will become the new song of the summer. Of course, you'll need wireless speakers to play the beats at all of your pool parties, or when you're swinging the afternoon away in a hammock on the beach.

Lay Out On The Sand With This Lilac Beach Towel

Lilac Turkish Towel, $10.80, Etsy

For the girl who just wants to have sun this season, you'll need a go-to beach towel. Well all know the perfect towel is comfy AF, large, and looks picture-perfect in beach selfies. After you capture just the right shot lounging on your towel, caption it with, "All I need is vitamin sea" or "Happiness comes in waves."

Lilac Sunglasses For Your Girl Squad Pics

Drink On Sunglasses, $7.99+, Etsy

If you're 21 and up, these "Keep Calm & Drink On" sunglasses are the perfect accessories to bring on your BFF getaway. These shades are also fun props for a bachelorette party weekend on the beach. You'll all be sporting that trendy shade of millennial lilac, and a group pic of the crew is a must.