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These 3 Signs Mean It When They Ask For A Second Chance, So You Can Trust Them

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It's completely human to screw up once in a while. Sometimes, that screw-up can harm a relationship or an opportunity. Maybe they did something reckless to break your trust in them. Perhaps they failed to uphold an important duty at work. Whatever it is, their mistake caused you to lose faith in them. Handing out forgiveness isn't always easy either. However, if you want to know who you should feel comfortable granting a reprieve, these zodiac signs mean it when they ask for a second chance: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Is it a coincidence that they also happen to be earth signs? Not one bit.

Earth signs mean it when they commit to something. They're not just asking for a second chance to make the problem go away. These signs hold themselves to vigorous standards and when they give someone their word, they'll never break it. Earth signs also have a ridiculous amount of pride, so if they're willing to suck it up, apologize, and ask for another shot, you know they mean serious business. It's not easy for them to be at the mercy of someone else's kindness. Letting someone down is a big enough hit to their ego as it is. To do it twice, especially after being given a chance to make amends, would make them feel completely worthless.

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Taurus: They'll Do Whatever It Takes To Make It Up To You

This stubborn bull is a fixed sign, meaning that they never give up, especially on you. If they made you a promise, they made the decision to give you their all. If they failed to uphold their promise, a Taurus feels utterly devastated. They feel as though they've ruined everything they stand for.

Chances are, they've already started the process of making it up to you before you've even noticed their mistake. They value trust and reliability above all things and they're not going to waste time. Even if you don't give them a second chance, they wouldn't blame you. However, you'd be crazy not to, because Taurus is one seriously hard-working and diligent sign. There must be some reasonable explanation why they messed up in the first place. Hear them out and give them another shot. You won't be disappointed.

Virgo: It's Rare They Screw Up At All, Let Alone Twice

A Virgo is a storm of inner nervousness. If they're not doing something constructive, they turn into a self-loathing mess. Their pride is vast and it depends solely on their productivity. A Virgo likes to think of themselves as a doer, as someone others can rely on to go the extra mile. They don't cut corners and they definitely don't cheat to get by. A Virgo prefers to be authentic in their intentions.

This is why a Virgo that asks for a second chance is definitely no joke. The fact that they were a liability to you the first time around is already making them sick to their stomach. They're probably wracking their brain trying to figure out how they could be foolish enough to let you down in the first place. A Virgo wouldn't even know who they are if they did it twice.

Capricorn: They'll Overcompensate For The Screw-Up

Capricorns are one of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac. Their ego depends on their ability to soar and succeed. Letting someone down seriously contradicts their values and if they aren't reliable, who even are they? Making a mistake that inconveniences someone else sets them back in their journey to greatness. If there's one thing a Capricorn hates more than anything, it's falling behind. Therefore, they'll go above and beyond to correct their error, doing such great work that you'll forget there was ever a screw-up in the first place.

If you give a Capricorn a second chance, you'll never regret it. In fact, you might wish they'd screw up and ask for second chances more often. They produce such ridiculously good work when their egos are at stake.

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