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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Animal Lovers

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The benefits of owning a pet are simply endless. They provide us with unconditional love, companionship whenever we feel lonely, and a perpetual source of cuddles. I mean, who can resist a pair of big beady eyes greeting us at the door whenever we come home? I don't just want that kind of love in my life, I need it. If you're wondering who's most likely to feed every stray cat in the neighborhood, adopt every dog in the shelter, and dream up the best astrological dog names for their pet, these three zodiac signs love animals the most: Cancer, Leo, and Taurus.

These people might be onto something. Pets improve our overall emotional well-being and brighten a dark day. In fact, according to a study published by Scientific Reports, people who own dogs are 33 percent more likely to live longer lives. If the furry cuteness and constant affection isn't enough for you, the longevity in life should be. While some might cringe at the sight of pet hair on their clothes and hate having to housebreak puppies, these zodiac signs simply don't care. The pros of bringing a pet into the house far outweigh the cons. They'd do anything for their pets because they're not just pets; they're family.


Taurus: They'll Save Every Animal If It's The Last Thing They Do

A Taurus is deeply in tune with the natural world and all of its creatures. They feel the pain and love that an animal contains on a spiritual level. This is why a Taurus tends to be the greatest advocate for animal rights and the first zodiac sign to rescue any animal in need. Even if they live in a cramped apartment with five dogs, three cats, and even two parakeets, the more the merrier. They can't just leave an animal behind when they've got food and shelter to give.

If you're wondering who's the first person to start bawling their eyes out during the ASPCA commercials featuring Sarah McLachlan singing, "In the arms of an angel," look no further. The funny thing is, a Taurus doesn't even cry easily. When it comes to pets, however, they can become a tearful mess.

Cancer: They Call Their Pets Their "Children"

Compassionate, kind, and caring Cancer would be nothing without their pets. This water sign has all the love in the world to give. They devote their whole heart to the safety and well-being of their furry companions. If you know a Cancer, you probably receive countless photos of their pets doing cute things. They also probably send you every animal video on the internet that they come across. You might not have time to watch each clip over and over again, but your Cancer will make time. Going out with a Cancer might entail a lot of stops since they feel compelled to pet every single dog in the street, squealing with childlike excitement each time. You gotta love 'em for it.

Leo: They Take On The World With Their Pets By Their Side

A Leo absolutely adores the constant affection and admiration that their pets have for them. The idea of a dog being unable to contain their joy when they return home from work brings them to tears. Leos just love being loved. And what love is deeper than the love a pet has for their owner? Trust me, a Leo reciprocates every ounce of it.

A Leo will post countless photos of their pets on their social media pages. That is, if they haven't gone the extra mile of creating an Instagram page for their pets altogether. They demand that everyone acknowledge how brilliant and adorable their pet is. Why shouldn't they? Their pet is the greatest pet who's ever lived and it's vital that everyone knows it. They'll take their pets on beautiful adventures and conquer the world with their companion leading the way.

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