The Kind Of Pet You Should Adopt This Year, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Who let the dogs out? Did we ever really find out the answer to this question? Whoever it was, we don't really mind. Having a bunch of fluffy friends running around sounds like sort of a dream come true. Truth is, having any animal around is incredibly ideal and upgrades our lives like no other. Like April from Parks and Recreation says, sometimes animals are just better than people. At the end of a long day, it's nice to come home to a furry, or not-so-furry friend, and you might be wondering where to start. According to your zodiac sign, the kind of pet to adopt this year is simple.

Your oh-so-cute soulmate is written in the stars. Sure, it would probably be in your best interest to do a little research -- finding reliable breeders, care information, and buying supplies is all crucial before bringing a pet into your home. However, once you've checked all that off the list, it's time to adopt a forever friend -- and they'll be so happy to have you.

Pets can be incredibly therapeutic. Aside from the ones who are specifically trained to be therapy animals, having something that isn't a human around teaches not just responsibility, but love and compassion. If you're feeling like your life needs this upgrade, it's time to add an animal into your equation. Here's the kind of pet you should probably adopt this year.

Aries: Dog
charliethegold1 on Twitter

Are you even surprised, Aries? You've always been the leader of the pack, and like a dog, you have unreal passion and energy that pushes you to all your dreams and goals.

You and your fluffy forever friend would make an unstoppable duo, because you'd always have a sidekick for your ambitious adventures. You love a good challenge, and this canine will step up in the sticky situations. Now, just to pick out the perfect pup, how will you ever choose?

Taurus: Turtle
tomekzgorzowa on Twitter

Noggin'! Dude. You can be a little stubborn, Taurus. Not nearly as chill as that Crush from Finding Nemo, if we're being honest. So, a pet who mimics your mood will be the perfect addition to your home. A turtle is known for their quiet nature, but also their slight attitude.

Out of all of your friends, you seemingly have your life the most together. You're a tough cookie, and ground them when they've gone off the rails a bit. The turtle's shell is very similar to your always-reliable outer strength. You'll find a true pal in your new pet because, like your Earth sign, a turtle stays grounded and will remind you that amongst the drama, you should do the same.

Gemini: Bunny
thedailybunnies on Twitter

You're a gentle soul, Gemini. So, a pet who is equally as sociable, yet soft, will be oh-so-right for you. A bunny is incredibly curious, cuddly, and chatty. Neither of you really like being alone, so you'll be happy to carry your new fluffy friend around for some simple adventures around the house and maybe your backyard.

Like you, bunnies can be easily spooked, so it might take a minute for him to get comfortable to your touch and his new home. But, this fluffy friend will bounce back. You're both fairly good at quickly sensing your surroundings, and soon enough, your bunny will be eager to play and show you his personality.

Cancer: Lizard
sciolin on Twitter

When you let your mind wander, Cancer, you get the best results. Your imagination is always on fire, which is why an average pet wouldn't make sense for someone with so much gut and creative grace.

A lizard may not sound so lovely at first. I mean, this kind of pet is basically a few doors down in the animal kingdom from alligators and dinosaurs. But, hear me out. Like you, a lizard is a homebody. They like heat lamp and a sense of routine, but they are not so fond of strangers. You'll appreciate having a pal who loves to be shy and also show off.

Leo: Bird
parrotoftheday on Twitter

You're the king of the jungle, Leo. So, having an admiring sidekick is just so important. Your bird will be the Zazu to your Simba, cheering you on with a chirp, or maybe repeating what you say if you decide to go the parrot route.

You really wouldn't mind the game of copycat, though. You love being the center of attention in a group, and having a friendly follower is low-key a dream come true.

Virgo: Chameleon
kristenxleanne on Twitter

You love the little things, Virgo. So, a pet who's on the smaller side will be totally practical for an animal lover like you.

Chameleons need a lot of love, and you're willing to put in the work to make sure life is just as sweet for your little friend as it is for you. You're both great at expressing yourselves. Sure, not everybody will understand your true colors, but your chameleon will always be quick to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Libra: Guinea Pig
my9guineapigs on Twitter

You hate being alone, Libra. So, adopting a furry friend has probably already crossed your mind a bit. You like the idea of caring for something else, and having a sidekick who will love your company.

A guinea pig will be dependent on your gentle nature and harmonious lifestyle. You'll bring an equal amount of peace and play to their world, and appreciate how they don't make too much of a fuss -- unless they're running laps on their wheel, of course.

Scorpio: Hedgehog
tagandtibby on Twitter

You're brave, Scorpio. Despite the fact that you sometimes have some trust issues, like a hedgehog you wear a solid coat of armor on your back for every adventure you dive into.

Your pet hedgehog will be the star of your social media, and an energetic addition to your already purpose-filled life. You value your friendships, in particular, Scorpio, and you'll find a one-of-a-kind pal in this spiky squad member.

Sagittarius: Horse
acloudonastring on Twitter

Don't get turned off by the term horse girl, Sagittarius. You have a wild soul, and you love to roam the Earth freely -- so a horse is essentially your spirit animal.

You love the outdoors, and the times of the year when it's too chilly to hike or do much of anything are literally your worst nightmares. Sure, a horse requires a lot of care, and you might not be down for that kind of commitment. But riding around on this beautiful creature will be an elevating experience for you -- and you live for experiences.

Capricorn: Cat
tuktortoys on Twitter

You're classic, Capricorn. So, finding a pet who won't disrupt your lifestyle is important to you. A cat will naturally keep clean, and will only expect to have a solid cuddle sesh or two with you.

Like you, your cat will get into her moods and hate everything at some point, but that's OK. You'll be happy to have a fluff who seems to understand how you need everything to be just purr-fect, and time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Aquarius: Miniature Pig
chloejade_66 on Twitter

You hate when life is boring, Aquarius. So, keeping it interesting and a little different is totally key when picking out the pet for you. A miniature pig will be incredibly original, like you.

You won't have to worry about following the crowd, or having a pet with no personality. This cutie is just dying to be captured in your camera roll -- and you'll love snapping pics and spending time with a special kind of sidekick.

Pisces: Fish
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You're a Water sign, Pisces. So, a fish might seem a little unoriginal. But, truth is, this bubbly buddy will be so ideal for your "go with the flow" lifestyle.

You love artistic expression, and you also appreciate your solo time. A fish will be incredibly low-maintenance, and also calming to chill with when you need a bit of an escape -- which is pretty on the reg.