The Kind Of Cat To Welcome Into Your Life This Year, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Lawren Lu/Melanie Defazio/Stocksy

Stop everything right meow. It's a new year, so why not bring something else a little new into your life? The cold winter months call for the cuddliest of companions. Sure, dogs are pretty great for taking on all your wildest summer adventures. They rarely say no to a challenging hike or a road trip. But where dogs drool and cats rule is in napping, and nobody will snuggle up with you on a snowy afternoon quite like a kitten. You might be struggling to find the purr-fect pet, so here's the kind of cat to get this year based on your zodiac sign.

It won't be too hard to find the feline for you. Like dogs, cats have a lot of different breeds, but they're all fairly similar. Some will be more quiet and protective, and others will be your classic Garfield cat — lazy and lounging on the reg, just maybe minus the lasagna. But all in all, they'll be cuddly just the same.

Cats are sometimes the most ideal pets because they generally take care of themselves. They'll be the cleanest roommate and lowest maintenance relationship you'll ever have. Your new furry friend won't require the strict schedule that some canines crave -- just some quality play time and catnip. That's not too much to ask, right?

So stay paw-sitive. You're so close to finding the perfect cat companion. Here's which kind of feline you should probably find, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Birman
catbreadloaf on Twitter

You're the leader of the pack, Aries. This Birman will be the confident companion you've always wanted — just as daring, but passionate and loving all the same.

You're a Fire sign, which often means you're always heated up about something. Whether it's in the form of brutal honesty or incredible optimism, you never fail to take on a challenge or push the people around you to be better.

A Birman will make you feel like you've finally met your match. An extremely curious cat, you'll enjoy their undeniably cunning nature. But, don't be fooled. She may be M.I.A. sometimes, but she'll always find her way back to your lap for some serious snuggling.

Taurus: Persian
vikingbastich on Twitter

You love your routine, Taurus. So, a cat who's on the same page when it comes to patience and practicality will be your perfect pet.

Out of all of your friends, you're probably the most reliable shoulder to cry on. The people in your life know that you'll always be there for them, and have a sound piece of advice for them every time. You look at situations with a lot of logic, but also find a lot of joy in appreciating the finer things in life like good music, good company, and all the beauty that comes with love and romance.

A Persian cat is a feline who will have this same "wine and dine" attitude. They'll like the consistency you bring to life, and the devotion you have to making sure every couch is comfy and every pillow is fluffed just right.

Gemini: Siamese
realsiamesecat on Twitter

You're really something else, Gemini. And lucky for you, there's a cat who will have just as much wit as you.

You're quick to pick up ideas and work with them. In social situations you spark conversation like no other. But sometimes you have to watch your curiosity because, well you know -- it killed the cat. You hate being alone because you love bouncing off of other people's brains and routines, so naturally, a Siamese will be your something special.

Siamese cats have strong personalities. Think of those two from Lady and the Tramp. Sure, they're not all that terrorizing, but they will expect that kind of attention and talk their very opinionated opinions at you on the reg. You'll always know what's going through your feline friend's mind, and you're already so fascinated.

Cancer: Russian Blue
xafiandauri on Twitter

You're the first one to preach stranger danger, Cancer. Truth is, you just like your own squad, and you're quite suspicious of any newcomers who might make an appearance in your crew.

Like a Russian Blue, you can be emotional and sensitive, so you take your time in getting to know people. You like when you can be sure that the people in your life will be there for you at the drop of a pin, and you can't always hold newbies such a high standard.

The Russian Blue cat will mimic your mood, asking for the same kind of love and affection that you so often desire from the people you surround yourself with. You get insecure when people don't dedicate their memories to you, but your new feline friend will always be sure of your self-worth.

Leo: Sphynx
fade__to_black on Twitter

You were born the leader of the jungle, Leo. So, it only makes sense for you to have a feline sidekick to match your lion sign.

You love your fans and find a lot of life purpose in making people laugh. You're incredibly social, and so friendships are easy to come by for you. You love any chance you get to strut your stuff, whether it be your brilliant brain or your awesome athleticism.

The Sphynx will be the only cat who will truly bring you the pet experience you've always hoped for. Like you, this cat is incredibly energetic and loves the attention. You might have to share your spotlight with your new significant other, but it'll be so worth it to have such devoted company.

Virgo: Scottish Fold
mspcaangell on Twitter

Your analytical mind is often misunderstood, Virgo. So, a cat with an equal approach to puzzles and a loyal heart will be the one for you.

You've always had a thing for animals, so having a pet is probably already second-nature to you. You might have a dog, or another cat roaming around your space already. This will be perfect for a Scottish Fold, who really doesn't like to be left alone for too long.

You can be a little shy, but this new sidekick of yours won't be and will expect you to be around to play or cuddle on the reg. In that way, your buddy will help you branch out beyond books and brains.

Libra: Tonkinese
purrrfectlyh on Twitter

You don't very much like being alone, Libra. So, a cat that's just as social as you will be a match made in heaven.

You've always been one to believe that sharing is caring. You love spending your time with other people, and don't mind giving up some space in your day for the sake of someone else. You're not one thats quick to stick to the status quo, however. That's why a somewhat stubborn Tonkinese will be so sweet.

You've never been one to love a loudmouth, and a Tonkinese is most definitely talkative. Like a Siamese, they'll be quick to share their opinion with you, but also will back down when they're soft side kicks in. But, you're pretty cooperative, Libra. So you'll have no problem finding that balance with your new buddy.

Scorpio: Siberian
siberianodyssey on Twitter

You're a Water sign, Scorpio. So, it's only right that your new pet pal will love splashing around in the sink and have that same active, yet passionate nature that you do.

You love the noise. You'll be the first to call someone out in a conversation, especially when it's something you truly care about. You're incredibly determined, which sometimes results in being defensive. Truth is, you just really want to live life to its fullest, and you'll do anything to make that possible.

A Siberian cat will be suitable for you because despite all the activity and noise you create, this kind of cat will be incredibly calm. They can handle your spontaneity and passion sometimes, and will probably love you more for being so head over heels for everything.

Sagittarius: American Shorthair
_cicada__ on Twitter

Let's be honest, Sagittarius. We all know you're kind of a flight risk. That's why having a dog never really worked for you. Between your travel plans and busy schedule, you just don't have the time to take care of something like that. So, the independent American Shorthair will be the cat who won't be so clingy.

You love a sense of freedom. Philosophy is intriguing to you, and you always go into life with a pretty optimistic attitude. It's all about the adventure, and you love to just go with the flow.

Like you, the American Shorthair loves being on his own feet. He has a mind of his own and doesn't demand your constant attention. Sure, he'll want to see your face and lie in your lap from time to time, but he won't be one to keep you to a curfew.

Capricorn: British Shorthair
visceralneko on Twitter

You're so classic, Capricorn. So, a furry friend who can only be described as the OG, is the one for you.

You tend to be a little serious when it comes to day-to-day situations. You love a schedule, and have been the responsible one in your friend crew for as long as you can remember. You believe in quality over quantity, which is why you tend to have a couple close friends instead of a wild bunch of bros.

The British Shorthair will be a close companion, giving you the sense of family you've always been so fond of. But, this cat will also be incredibly mellow and require little maintenance, so you'll never have to expect the worst.

Aquarius: Maine Coon
awwwwcats on Twitter

You're independent and love the mental motivation, Aquarius. So, a cat with the same playful, yet intellectual approach to life will be your forever friend.

You're quite the forward-thinker. You look to the future, and don't linger too much on the past because you love all the new possibilities that lie ahead. On your best days you have all the energy in the world, and on your worst, you like to stay a little shy and recharge your battery.

The Maine Coon will be your match because, like you, this cat likes to keep their skills sharp. They love the chase, but will be patient with you when you want some down time. So ideal, right?

Pisces: Bombay
ddyogong on Twitter

You're a social butterfly, Pisces. Not in the sense that you're the loudest mouth in the room, but just because you're so friendly and quickly end up in sometimes some random company.

The Bombay, like you, is very versatile. You find yourself going with the flow a majority of the time, and this cat will match whatever mood you find yourself in. He likes to play, cuddle, and dwell solo all the same, so you won't have to worry so much about your own day-to-day life getting in the way.