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These 3 Signs Are The Worst Matches For Sagittarius, But Anything Can Happen

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As much as we love the blast of life that encompasses every Sagittarius we know, it's all too often that the wave of fiery energy can be a bit much. After all, Sagittarius rules over the ninth house of adventure, excursions, and higher philosophy. Not everyone wants to sacrifice safety and comfort for the sake of a wild night out, so why can't a Sagittarius understand that? All laughs aside, we need that burst of fun and spontaneity every so often, but there is a limit when it comes to unpredictability. If you know what I'm talking about, then it probably makes way too much sense that these zodiac signs are the worst matches for Sagittarius: Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo. Even though our birth charts are made of so much more than our zodiac signs and we can't base compatibility with a Sagittarius on these fact alone, it should probably make so much sense that these pairings are difficult.

When a Sagittarius is involved, things get bigger, livelier, and more than any of us expected. Despite the shooting star that they are, living with their cosmic dust on a daily basis can be tough. However, if two totally incompatible zodiac signs can make it work, the pay off is more than worth it. Don't we embark on this life hoping to get out of our comfort zones and learn something?

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Taurus: The Ol' Ball & Chain

In life, a fixed earth sign like Taurus expects foreseeable behavior in their relationships. They want to know what they're in for and they certainly want to know whether they can rely on someone. This zodiac sign is concerned with money, stability, and creating a tangible future with someone. Sagittarius? This mutable fire sign fears commitment with every fiber of their being and unless they're totally on board with their relationship, they refuse to sacrifice freedom for anything or anyone. While Sagittarius would rather risk danger for the sake of adventure, a Taurus just wants to feel safe. These are pretty contradicting concerns, if you ask me.

However, if predictable Taurus and over-the-top Sagittarius can make ends meet, they'll forge a relationship that shows them a whole new world.

Cancer: Can You Say Emotionally High-Maintenance?

In order for Sagittarius to live the adventurous life that they do, they can't let emotional ties and sensitivities stand in their way. Unlike water sign Cancer, they use daydreaming and adrenaline as a coping mechanism for their emotional undertakings. At the core of a Cancer's being is a desire for love, intimacy, and familial connections. They truly just want to build a home with someone. They want to let someone into the deepest and softest part of their heart. To a Cancer, that is the greatest adventure. However, a wild, ruthless, and explorative mutable fire sign like Sagittarius might disagree.

While this paring is most certainly unorthodox, people forget how energetic a Cancer can truly be. Remember: Cancers are cardinal, meaning that they're among the instigators of society. Even though Sagittarians clams up at the thought of emotion, they can't resist a Cancer's excitement.

Virgo: They Pick Each Other Apart

At the core of any fire sign's soul is a volcano of pride. What's the greatest threat to someone's pride? A Virgo. This mutable earth sign can't help but notice flaws, imperfections, and mistakes that quickly need remedying. In order for a Sagittarius to be the cosmic astronaut that they are, they tend to make quite a few errors along the way. A Sagittarius wonders, Who cares? They're in search of the great beyond and to them, the journey is more important than the destination. To have an analytical and overly critical Virgo pecking at their every move would more than rain on their parade.

However, couldn't a Sagittarius use a little oversight? And couldn't a Virgo use a little help loosening up? I think these zodiac signs have more to learn from each other than they think.

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