The holiday candles for 2020 include evergreen scents and witty labels from big and small shops alik...
Shop These Holiday Candles For All The Cozy Winter Vibes & Scents-ations

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There's never been a better time than the holidays to add a few spiced cider and peppermint-scented candles to your current stash. Between the chilly, winter temperatures and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, most of your time is spent at home. It's only right that you create cozy vibes in your space with the help of 2020 holiday candles that glow as bright as the stars and smell like the most wonderful time of the year.

Of course, you could be thinking to yourself, "No, I have enough three-wickers to last me a lifetime." Your cabinets are probably filled with the limited-edition holiday candles from last year's festive season, along with some one-wickers that'll never go out of style. Within the closets of each room in your home, you can likely find a candle that you pull out for activities ranging from bubble baths, to baking extravaganzas, and deep cleaning days with your partner.

But, 2020 has been chaotic — to say the very least — and you deserve to shop the latest candles in the spirit of cozy winter vibes and spectacular scents-ations. Save your will power for a later date, and stock up on the gingerbread, sugar cookie, and mistletoe-like scents that are on sale, or just currently taking up stores' shelves. These holiday candles are a few of our favorites you may want to add to your cart.

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This Candle That's Inspired By Billie Holiday

When you're sitting by a fireplace reading a romance book in the middle of winter, your life may feel pretty luxurious. Add this candle ($15, Harlem Candle Co.) that's inspired by jazz singer Billie Holiday and her perfume, to the scene, and it'll instantly feel next level. In fact, you may even feel like an iconic performer yourself, and feel motivated to sing holiday songs into a wooden spoon.

This Candle That's All About The Holiday Vibes

You're 100% that candle owner who loves to tell their friends all about their favorite scents. This candle ($35, Here For The Burn) will match your energy and spirit for the holidays. You'll be sure to love the spices and evergreen scent, and be continuously excited by its straightforward and witty label.

This Candle That's Celebrating The Festival Of Lights

If you celebrate Hanukkah, this candle ($34, Homesick) is a must-have. Like you and your family, it's stoked about the Festival of Lights and the latkes to come. Light it before logging onto your Hanukkah Zoom gathering, and enjoy its potato, apple, and pomegranate notes. Your home will instantly smell like your favorite holiday.

This Candle That Comes In A Ceramic Tree

When candle shopping, it's always a good idea to see if your candle's available in a cute container or jar. That way, once the scent has burned down, you can re-purpose the jar in your home. This candle ($26, Anthropologie), for instance, can stick around in your home well-after you've enjoyed its holiday-themed scent.

This Candle That's Ready To Spread The Joy

Fill your home with love, joy, and good vibes with this candle ($22, Glo Through It) that has an earthy scent. From the moment you light it, you'll likely feel totally at peace within your space, or get the feeling that you've escaped into a cozy cabin in the woods. The best part of purchases from Glo Through It? The candles are vegan and non-toxic.

This Candle That'll Transport You To The Tree Farm

You've put up your tree, and now you have to decorate it with everything from garland, to ornaments, and candy canes. Light this candle ($15, Bath & Body Works) before you tackle that merry task, as it smells like a Christmas tree farm. Play Taylor Swift's "Christmas Tree Farm," too, and you'll feel like you're living in a Hallmark movie.

This Candle That Buddy The Elf Would Approve Of

Buddy the Elf would totally approve of this candle ($10, Target) that's filled with Christmas cheer. Full disclosure: It actually smells like an apple combined with cinnamon, cherry, and cloves. It'll be an amazing scent to enjoy while baking holiday cookies or tuning into Elf.

This Candle That Smells Like Your Holiday Traditions

On Christmas morning, do you wake up and make cinnamon buns with your family? If so, this candle ($16, Etsy) is made for you, as it totally mimics your traditions. It's handmade by the seller and has notes of butter, vanilla, and cinnamon in its soy wax base. Not to mention, its label is the same color as a holiday ribbon.

This Candle That'll Spice Up Your Living Room

Your space always is decked out around the holidays with lots of ribbons, jingle bells, and reindeer figurines. But, this candle ($7, World Market) is in the business of spicing it up even more. It smells like the warm pots of spiced drinks you'd run into in Italian wine bars. Before lighting it, gather up ingredients to make a tasty drink for yourself in the spirit of the holidays.

This Candle Set, Because The More The Merrier

Why treat yourself to just one candle when you can snag an entire holiday candle set ($45, ANI + CO.)? This limited-time set by ANI + CO. has the works including a wick trimmer, "Siena" candle, and rose-wrapped sage. Buy it for yourself or a friend who needs to add to their candle collection.