Bath & Body Works Just Dropped 60 New Fall Products, Including 15 New 3-Wick Candles

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If your version of heaven involves 834,598,349,945 different pumpkin scents and so many three-wick candles, your space verges on the side of a sacrificial altar, it's time to hit up Bath & Body Works. No, really, eternal peace awaits you. Bath & Body Works just dropped its fall 2020 collection, complete with 15 new three-wick candles, 20 new pumpkin scents, eight completely new fragrances, and even more delectable new products. The year 2020 has done absolutely nothing to deserve such bounty.

Now available online and in Bath & Body Works stores nationwide, the brand's fall collection includes over 60 new products total, and tons of your tried-and-true fall favorite fragrances and products are back in action. While you restock your safety scents, let's cycle through the newness that'll totally mysteriously, through no doing of your own, accidentally make it into your cart.

A whopping 20 new pumpkin-focused scents are hitting BBW's virtual shelves across home and body-care categories. Think: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, White Pumpkin, Pumpkin Snickerdoodle, Pumpkin Cookie Dough — the list goes on. It's like the brand gave someone free rein of a random fall word generator, and they made it all happen. With adorable designs to boot, these pumpkin-scented new goodies are too good to pass up. Just look.

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OK, OK, all the pumpkin hype is nice, but let's be real: You came here for candle news, right? Hard same. Rest assured, this season, you have 15 new three-wick candles to place in every nook and cranny of your home. Aside from the pumpkin-scented candles, good luck choosing between the absolutely delicious coffee-focused scents, like Pumpkin Spice Latte, Cinnamon Irish Cream, and Toasted Coconut Mocha, or the "things I would like to eat right now" category, with Sugared Cherry Crisp and Dutch Apple Waffle. Get a load — no, an actual load — of these candles:

Lest we forget the sheer abundance of new body-care products from BBW to make your fall the most relaxing season possible after a long, long, long year that isn't even over yet. Don't even think about setting foot in the shower without Black Cherry Merlot Shower Gel, one of my favorite, intoxicating scents from the brand, or the ever-relaxing Hot Springs Spa Body Wash. When you step out, choose from scents like Warm Vanilla Sugar or Sweet Whiskey to moisturize. A finally spritz of Pink Velvet Cupcake, and you'll be in heaven. If you're heading out into the world, BBW's hand sanitizers will protect you along the way, and delicious-smelling hand soaps will await your return.

You can shop all these fall goodies and more right now on the Bath & Body Works website. If you choose to shop in store, you should continue to follow the most recent CDC guidelines with regard to face coverings and social distancing. You should also familiarize yourself with Bath & Body Works' COVID-19-related in-store shopping policies, which include maintaining at least a 6-foot distance between yourself and others and wearing a face mask.