10 Gifts For Self Care To Treat Yourself With After A Rough Year

So, this year was a lot. I think that's something everyone can agree on, despite any differences we may have. And the state of the world, along with any goings-on in your personal life, can take some major tolls on your well-being. As the holiday season rolls around — which is, personally, my least favorite, most emotionally taxing time of year — do yourself the favor of getting budget-friendly gifts for self-care in addition to the presents on your shopping list for all the other loved ones in your life.

The truth of the matter is, as basic or obvious as it may sound, caring for and being kind to yourself is one of the main tenets of maintaining your mental, and even physical health. Practices of self-care produce positive feelings and increase your ability to handle stress in healthy ways, especially if you know that your mental or emotional well-being tends to be compromised during the holiday season.

And BTW, a self-care gift does not, by any means, have to include going to a fancy spa or a yoga retreat. It can be something as simple as a good book, taking yourself on a roller-skating date, or even buying yourself a bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

So go ahead and treat yourself, friends. You deserve it.

1. A Dessert Delivery Service Tailored Just For You

mooncyclebakery on Instagram

Moon Cycle Bakery Subscription Box, $15-$30, Moon Cycle Bakery

Moon Cycle Bakery is a west coast-based, baked goods delivery service that makes ultra-nutritious desserts tailored to your PMS cravings. They make delicacies that have hormone-balancing ingredients like cacao, ginger, and honey, and they send you a box of treats timed with your cycle with the help of a period-tracking app.

Guys, trust me, these treats are very satisfying. And starting Dec. 15, you can get boxes that range from $15 to $30 after you create you own flavor profile.

2. A Book To Help You Love Yourself

Quarto Knows

Press Here! Reflexology for Beginners, $16.99, Quarto Knows

I've been using this book myself to learn a bit about reflexology and how certain areas and nerve endings in my feet connect to other parts of my body. It's awesome, and it's a great way to incorporate the practice of self-massage into my routine.

3. All The Face Masks


Karuna Brightening Treatment Masks, $28, Dermstore

I know the praises are sung of these puppies all the damn time, but I'm still so here for them.

Face masks are so cheap, and yet still so much fun to use, and they really are like a little gift every time you open 'em up and take 15 minutes for a little extra moisturizing, "me" time.

4. A Class You've Always Wanted To Take

Stems Brooklyn

Whimsical Wreath Workshop, $65, Stems Brooklyn

You know what I'm going to do in 2018? Take a flower-arranging workshop that'll teach me how to make centerpieces and wreaths, because I love flowers, and it's something I've always wanted to do.

Consider some kind of hobby or craft you think would make you feel good, or a skill you've always wanted to learn but haven't yet gotten around to. With a little research, you can find workshops about pretty much anything, and for any budget!

5. Some Extra Special Workout Clothes

EleVen By Venus Williams

Primitive Dots Power Play Sports Bra, $48, EleVen By Venus Williams

I've been known to go super cheap on sports bras or leggings, and while some have been able to stand the test of time, they usually just wear the heck out after a couple washes. Why not take the holiday season as an opportunity to invest in an extra nice pair of leggings, or a good bra for all the dancing and yoga you'll be doing in 2018?

6. Essential Oils Emergency Pack


Pocket Farmacy Oil Blend Convenience Kit, $59.95, Saje

If you don't want to get a diffuser or do too much essential oil research, get yourself an essential oils beginner pack that can tell you exactly what's what. That way, you have all the wellness benefits at your fingertips without any hassle or effort.

7. A Foam Roller

Yoga Outlet

Gaiam Compact Foam Roller, $16.18, Yoga Outlet

Do. Yourself. This. Favor. Trust me on this one.

Foam rollers come pretty cheap, and of course, they're so freakin' good for your muscles, and they feel like the massage you've always wanted but never had the money to pay for. I truly believe foam-rolling should be a healthy habit we instill from an early age, just like brushing your teeth or combing your hair.

8. A Museum Date

metmuseum on Twitter

Take yourself to a museum, a play, a movie, a concert — whatever floats your boat! One of my personal favorite things to do is get on the train and take it up to the Met to simply wander around by myself.

Sometimes standing in front of an Alice Neel portrait or a real Courbet is just what the spirit needs. Taking yourself to a B-horror movie and getting a jumbo popcorn can do the trick, too. The point is, give yourself some time to do something enjoyable and inspiring.

9. A Gift Card

Greenlight Bookstore

Greenlight Gift Card, $5-$200, Greenlight Bookstore

Sure, it might sound lame, but hear me out. Get yourself a gift certificate to some place that just keeps on giving. For example, buy yourself a $100 gift card to your local bookstore, purchase only a book or two at a time, and keep going back for more throughout the new year.

10. A Donation

afspnational on Twitter

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, any amount, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Yes, it absolutely does feel good to give to others! And, of course, it's important. Even if it's just $5 a month, set up a recurring gift for the year in honor of a cause you believe in and are passionate about. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.