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10 Self-Care Gifts That You Deserve, So Treat Yourself

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Going into this year, you likely didn't expect every day to feel as confusing and exhausting as Mercury retrograde. But, you embraced each challenge and curveball like a star, and that deserves a pat on the back and also perhaps a little bit of retail therapy. End this year by treating yourself to gifts for self-care, complete with pedicures, cozy slippers, and maybe even a journal.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic may have put many major life events, travel plans, and celebrations on hold this year. It might have also enabled you to spend time doing things you didn't normally have time for. One of the things you may have been able to build into your daily routine is self-care. Working from home might enable you to sleep a bit longer without having to commute, take coffee breaks with your pup, and put on a rejuvenating face mask after a Zoom meeting.

One way to practice self-care with many holiday deals going on is to indulge in products that'll make you feel amazing while working from home right now. So, while you're doing your holiday shopping, don't forget to include yourself on the list, too. Here are 10 self-care gifts that'll make the end of the year sparkle.

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A Hydrating Skincare Set

In the winter when dry air is abundant, your skin might feel and look red, blotchy, and anything but hydrated. This cute holiday-themed set from Sephora will festively add moisture into your life. It works with any skin type, and includes four different products, such as a hydrating toner and moisturizing eye bomb.

A Fluffy Pair Of Slippers

"Stepping on fluffy and comfortable clouds is so uncomfortable," said no one ever. These slippers are just so cozy, and they're fairly affordable as well. Whether they complete a casual look for the weekend, or a WFH outfit, they'll have your back (and, well, your feet) with every step you take.

A Nourishing Conditioner

Self-care is about nourishing every part of your body and soul until it feels complete and loved. That includes your hair. This power greens conditioner will ensure your 'do can get through the last few weeks of the year by moisturizing and healing it in the best way possible. Not to mention, it comes in a cute, luxe container.

A Complete Manicure Kit

Going to a salon to get a manicure or pedicure may not be an option for you right now. So, opt for this manicure kit that includes a cuticle remover, nail file, nail buffer, and more. Have a spa day at home, complete with your go-to TV show and cucumber water. You deserve it.

A Witty Candle

Let quality candles be a constant in your life. Pick up a witty wick like this one that quotes Cher from Clueless. Like you, it's so over the drama and chaos, but will gladly chill at home and watch a movie you loved when you were a kid. It's so ready to add warmth and coziness to your space.

A Refreshing Spray

When every part of your body feels fresh, you likely feel a lot better and more capable of handling life's challenges. So, get yourself this refreshing herbal spray. It's meant to be used on your panties, feet, and underarms, and soothes any irritation. It's a real game-changer when it comes to self-care.

A Boosting Eye Cream

This revitalizing eye cream is an amazing product that'll help reduce any puffiness or dark circles from lack of sleep. It can be used on your brightest days as well. Pamper yourself.

A Sweet Exfoliating Salt

When bathing in the name of self-care, be sure to use an exfoliator like this cinnamon and coconut salt. Gently rub it on your skin to remove any dead skin cells, and not-so-good vibes. You'll come out of your afternoon feeling softer, and likely brand new.

A Set Of Plush Bath Towels

As Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope note in Parks and Recreation, a soft bath towel is a #must. Treat yourself to a super plush set of towels that you can wrap yourself up in after every shower. They'll likely make you feel comforted, and will be cozy to lay in afterwards as well.

An Essential Oils Diffuser

When the world continues to be stressful and exhausting, the scent of lavender may calm your nerves. Release the beautiful aroma in your home using this essential oils diffuser. It'll help create a relaxing atmosphere, where you can take a deep and cleansing breath.

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