The tweets and memes of Doug Emhoff waving to Kamala Harris are so hype for his support.

Twitter Crowned Doug Emhoff "Most Supportive Husband" For This Sweet Moment With Kamala


Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, were the epitome of "couple goals" during President Joe Biden's first joint address to Congress on Wednesday, April 28. As Vice President Harris made history with her seat on the dais behind President Biden, Emhoff showed his support with an adorable display of affection that was caught on camera. These tweets and memes of Doug Emhoff waving to Kamala Harris were so hype for the moment when he was peak supportive husband.

Biden touched on plenty of important issues in his first joint address to Congress, including police reform, COVID-19 vaccinations, and more. While the night was all about addressing these pressing issues, viewers couldn't help but give Emhoff the spotlight on Twitter after seeing his reaction to his wife. As Harris went to take a seat at the dais, Emhoff waved at her enthusiastically before blowing kisses (even with a mask on), and he closed his "How To Be A Supportive Partner 101" tutorial by patting his hand over his heart. While you couldn't see Emhoff's full facial expressions behind his mask, it was clear that he was extremely proud of his wife.

He had good reason to be beaming with pride: The night was a historic one as Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi became the first two women to sit behind a president during an address to a joint session of Congress. Biden took a moment to recognize the moment, saying, "Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President. No president has ever said those words from this podium, and it's about time."

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Obviously, Emhoff was one proud hubby, and the clips of him waving at Harris flooded Twitter alongside plenty of praise for the second gentleman's adorable show of support.

Of course, since it's Twitter, a lot of the love was shown through memes:

Emhoff really set the bar high for partner expectations.

People were also calling Emhoff a "wife guy":

There were plenty of tweets about the adorable moment, and they all praised his wholesome reaction:

Emhoff has repeatedly proven he's high-key supportive of his wife, Vice President Harris, like when he stood by her side during the inauguration and when he showed his pride with a simple tweet (and emojis!) on Election Day 2020.

As the historic moments rack up for Harris, it's clear Emhoff is happy to be the ultimate "wife guy" and second gentleman of the United States — and people on Twitter just love to see it.