Doug Emhoff Had The Best Reaction When Kamala Harris Was Sworn In As VP


Doug Emhoff is proudly standing behind his wife as she steps into her role as vice president of the United States. Emhoff, who has been married to Harris since 2014, was beaming after his wife was sworn in as VP on Jan. 20. Doug Emhoff’s reaction to Kamala Harris’ 2021 inauguration was so supportive.

Harris' role as vice president makes her husband the second gentleman, and it's a title he's taking very seriously. In anticipation of Inauguration Day, he spoke out on Twitter about his new gig.

"As tomorrow approaches and I prepare to take on the role of @SecondGentleman, I have a growing sense of responsibility. But I know we wouldn't be here without the support of so many—family, friends, and beyond. Thank you for being in our corner as we take on this next chapter," he tweeted.

In August, Emhoff announced he would be taking a leave of absence from his legal career to support his wife on the campaign trail full-time. So as she officially stepped into her new title on Jan. 20, he couldn't have been more proud. He praised his wife for her hard work and dedication on the campaign trail, and looked forward to the positive impact she would make on America.

You can see Emhoff proudly stand beside his wife as she was sworn in below.


Moments before Inauguration Day kicked off, former First Lady Michelle Obama expressed her confidence in Emhoff as he took on the role of second gentleman, as well as Jill Biden, the nation's new first lady.

"We’ll have terrific examples of leadership in @DrBiden and @DouglasEmhoff, as our new First Lady and Second Gentleman," Obama wrote on Instagram.


In a heartfelt essay penned for GQ on Jan. 19, Emhoff reflected on how much his life has changed since his wife was elected VP.

"I found that as I began dipping my toe into Kamala’s world, it brought us even closer together," he wrote. "I realized how much of yourself you leave on the trail, how much these stories weigh on you, and—though I couldn’t imagine it possible before this—I grew to understand and admire who she is and what she’s been able to accomplish even more. She had such a tremendous weight on her shoulders, and we were in a fight for the soul of this nation—together."

As Emhoff's personal life changes in his new role, here's to hoping the United States evolves with new leadership as well.