'Teenage Bounty Hunters' on Netflix

Netflix Canceled 'Teenage Bounty Hunters,' But Fans Aren't Giving Up Yet


Another one bites the dust. Continuing its heartbreaking streak of non-renewals and renewal reversals, Netflix canceled Teenage Bounty Hunters, and the tweets about the decision are full of anger and sorrow. But believe it or not they're also full of a good bit of hope that this isn't necessarily the end of the show. (Elite Daily reached out to Netflix about the cancellation but did not immediately hear back.)

On Oct. 5, Deadline and Variety reported Netflix would not be going forward with a second season of the teen comedy. The series, which debuted on Aug. 14 and starred Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini as twin sisters Sterling and Blair (respectively), picked up a cult following, with many fans praising it for its female-led storylines, sex positivity, and LGBTQ+ characters. Considering Teenage Bounty Hunters trended in Netflix's Top 10 in the U.S. in the couple weeks of its release, fans were convinced a Season 2 would get the green light from the streamer.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the entertainment industry in a big way, and even shows that were considered a sure thing have gotten surprise cancelations recently. On the same day the Teenage Bounty Hunters news came out, Netflix dealt another devastating blow: GLOW, which had previously received a Season 4 renewal, would not be continuing. In August, a similar situation happened when fans learned the streamer had axed The Society and I Am Not Okay With This, citing coronavirus complications as the driving factor of this decision.

Regardless of the reason behind it, Teenage Bounty Hunters fans are outraged about the cancellation.

However, not everyone is convinced Teenage Bounty Hunters is gone for good. Within minutes of the cancellation news coming out, loyal viewers began tweeting at other streamers and networks, begging them to pick up the series (much like PopTV did after Netflix canceled One Day At A Time).

While heroic pick-ups from other networks and streamers *can* happen, I hate to break it to you, they're pretty rare. Most likely, fans won't get to see everything they were hoping to get in a Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 2: more LGBTQ+ representation with Sterling and April's relationship, another set of hilarious Gen Z references, or the unpacking of that cliffhanger ending. A moment of silence for all those missed opps.