Tweets About Sterling & April From Netflix's 'Teenage Bounty Hunters'

Sterling & April's Plot Twist In 'Teenage Bounty Hunters' Has Twitter SHOOK


You might think the most hype-worthy aspect of a show about teenage bounty hunters would be, you know, the bounty hunting thing. But it turns out, the romance is actually even more the thrilling. While there's a lot to unpack in the Netflix's newest teen series, there's one pairing in particular fans are here for. Don't take my word for it — these tweets about Sterling and April from Teenage Bounty Hunters prove they might just be the next best (potential) endgame couple.

The Netflix series follows 16-year-old fraternal twin sisters Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) Wesley, who chase bad guys as a (very unusual) after-school job. In addition to catching bail skippers, they attempt to navigate normal teen struggles like high school drama, making their parents proud, and of course, falling in love. That's where your newest shippage comes in.

Warning: Teenage Bounty Hunters spoilers to follow. April (Devon Hales) and Sterling's love story is unorthodox, considering they went from besties to enemies to lovers. After years of mutual contention, April confronts Sterling, admitting she feels like Sterling ditched her in 5th grade. April and Sterling have a heated fight, which results in Sterling walking away with some hot and bothered feels for her ex-BFF. Like, very hot and very bothered feels. After that, Sterling realizes she has a monster crush on April. This is right around when Twitter (and Sterling, TBH) started to freak.

If the crush wasn't enough to shake you, the first kiss scene was sure to do it.

From their banter, to their story, to the way an LGBTQ relationship was showcased, viewers loved the honesty, vulnerability, and (yup) hotness of the couple.

Their relationship was goals, and the only thing Twitter was confused about (since they're obvi meant for each other) is why they didn't have a ship name yet.

The problem was April wasn't ready to be out, especially since her father (who is extremely religious) was just released from prison. The same father Sterling and Blair sent to prison in the first place — something April is in the dark about. The couple's consequent breakup was devastating, and no one took it harder than Twitter.

Since Sterling is in a semi-love triangle with her ex-boyfriend Luke (Spencer House) and April, the fate of the lovers is completely up in the air right now. Which means, of course, fans need a Season 2 to ensure Sterling and April get back together — where they belong.

While there's no news yet on a renewal, here's hoping Teenage Bounty Hunters comes back for a second season so viewers can see whether April and Sterling really are endgame and finally get the ship name they deserve.

Teenage Bounty Hunters is now streaming on Netflix.