What Is Debbie Up To In 'Teenage Bounty Hunters?

The Truth About Sterling & Blair's Mom In 'Teenage Bounty Hunters' Is So Wild


All parents have secrets, but Debbie Wesley from Netflix's new YA series Teenage Bounty Hunters has some major skeletons in her closet. Despite appearing like the perfect Georgia peach, it's quickly clear she's more than just an Atlanta socialite. Though Sterling and Blair get up to plenty of shenanigans all on their own in Season 1, one of the biggest mysteries of the season has to do with what Debbie is up to in Teenage Bounty Hunters, and what kind of repercussions her storyline will have going forward.

The Netflix series follows 16-year-old fraternal twin sisters Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) Wesley as they go against the norms in their buttoned-up Georgia community. While the two are busy balancing a life of sex, religion, high school drama, and after-school jobs, they're also trying to follow the rules of their strict parents. What makes this show different than your usual teen comedy, however, is that they've actually teamed up with a veteran bounty hunter and spend their free time chasing perps who skipped out on bail.

Warning: Teenage Bounty Hunters spoilers to follow. While the series is technically about the twins, their mother Debbie plays a very important role in the drama, especially when Sterling and Blair realize their mom is covering up a big secret from them. Things get even wilder once they discover she has a $90,000 bounty on her head for arson.


After using their bounty hunter training to uncover their mom's shady past, Sterling and Blair confront Debbie. Mama Wesley explains she messed up when she was younger and set an abortion clinic on fire, but that was all in her past. The thing is, even after making that confession to their kids, Debbie and her husband Anderson were seen looking up apartments in Mexico, seemingly planning an escape, which doesn't seem like "normal mom" behavior. Then Anderson was seen giving Debbie car keys in a parking lot and told her to cross the border. Again: not normal.

Still, it's not until Sterling was unexpectedly picked up by her mom outside of school that everything unraveled. It turned out, the woman in the car who looks like Debbie wasn't Debbie at all — it was her secret twin sister, Dana. Panicking, Debbie finally admitted Dana not only exists, but she's dangerous and is actually the one who caused the fire all those years ago. The Mexican apartment? That was for Dana, who Debbie and Anderson helped evade law enforcement for decades.

Naturally, Blair teamed up with her bounty hunter mentor and tracked down her sister. Their parents arrived to the scene as well, and after a shootout which resulted in the entire group cornering Dana, things finally seemed like they're going to be OK. As police sirens wailed, however, Dana decided to drop one final truth bomb: She's Sterling's biological mother, not Debbie.

That means Blair and Sterling aren't twins after all — they're cousins. So, why did Debbie raise Sterling as her own? And what does this mean for the future of Blair and Sterling's upbringing? It looks like a second season is needed ASAP so fans' questions can get answered and Netflix can cash in on another successful series.

Teenage Bounty Hunters is now streaming on Netflix.