We Really Need To Talk About That 'Teenage Bounty Hunters' Finale Cliffhanger


After watching the first season of Teenage Bounty Hunters, you're probably either wishing you had a twin you could telepathically communicate with or you're researching the annual salary of a bounty hunter. Either way, the first season of the new Netflix series left viewers wondering one very important thing: Will there be a Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 2? After a seriously intense cliffhanger, fans are searching for answers.

The series follows 16-year-old fraternal twin sisters (more on this later) Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) Wesley as they accidentally team up with veteran bounty hunter Bowser Jenkins (Kadeem Hardison) for a very unconventional, yet epic, after-school job. Eschewing the norms of their religious Southern community, the girls juggle a life of high school drama, sexual exploration, and chasing bail skippers.

Warning: Teenage Bounty Hunters finale spoilers to follow. The show was released on Aug. 14, and it already has viewers talking thanks to its mix of action, romance, and clever dialogue. While the entire series was full of twists and turns, it wasn't until the last few episodes that my jawbone came unhinged from my face. From breakups to secret identities to Sour Patch Kids saving the day, the finale was a certified lot.

First of all, the twins' romances are very complicated. By the end of Season 1, Sterling is in a semi-love triangle with her ex-boyfriend Luke (Spencer House) and her school rival, April (Devon Hales). Meanwhile, Blair and her boyf Miles (Myles Evans) just called it quits. Relationship drama aside, after confronting their mom Debbie (Virginia Williams) about the $90,000 bounty she had on her head for arson — and after Sterling got kidnapped by someone who looks just like her mother — their parents confessed the truth: Debbie has a twin sister named Dana. She's the one who actually caused the fire years ago, and she's the one who took Sterling.

After the Wesleys and Bowser foiled Dana's dangerous plans and cops came to take her away, the mysterious twin dropped one final confession: She's Sterling's biological mother. This means Blair and Sterling aren't twin sisters after all — they're cousins. So, how is that bombshell going to change things between them? What's going to happen to their love lives once they get over this life-changing news? And uh, who's cashing in on that $90,000 bounty?

There are so many questions fans need answered in a Season 2. Unfortunately, as of Aug. 14, there hasn't been word as to whether the show will be renewed. The higher-ups at Netflix usually take at least a few weeks to evaluate the ratings before deciding what to new with new shows, so fans should expect to hang tight for a bit.

While the fact the cast is full of relative newcomers might seem like a deterrent for a renewal, that didn't stop fellow YA shows like Outer Banks from snagging a second season. Here's hoping fans get to find out what happens next for the Wesley... cousins?

Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix