The Spiritual Meaning Of The September's New Moon Is About Finding Inner Peace

by Valerie Mesa
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As the sun in Virgo continues to shed light on the process of your daily routine and due diligence, there's an opportunity to modify, purify, and practice mindfulness in order to create a more conscious lifestyle. Having this in mind, the spiritual meaning of the September 2020 new moon revolves around your stability and peace of mind. Are you grounded with your current approach? How can you become more methodical with your work?

Governed by Mercury — the clever messenger god and planet of communication, thought process, and cognitive functioning — this mutable earth sign is symbolic of the synergy taking place between the mind, body, and soul. It's no secret that Virgo is equally scrupulous and responsible, but its intellectual duality is a hybrid of the conscious and unconscious mind. Ruler of the sixth house, Virgo rules all things related to wellness, routines, schedules, and acts of service. Its season highlights the importance in efficiency, productivity, and practicality.

This, however, is merely scratching the surface when it comes to the upcoming new moon in Virgo. Happening on Thursday, Sept. 17 at 7:00 a.m. ET, the astrological aspects taking place — namely Mars retrograde — will play a pivotal role in the next couple of months. Although, in a much brighter note, this Mercury-ruled lunation will be in harmony with Saturn, just a few days before it stations direct in Capricorn.

September's New Moon In Virgo

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The moon's lack of visibility during the new moon phase can be quite mysterious, but despite its enigmatic darkness, the divine fertility of this lunar phase is like no other. It's a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. Its magic is accessible to you once a month, every month, but it's up to you to harness its power. Getting in touch with your emotions, along with the ebb and flow of each lunar cycle, can be incredibly rewarding in more ways than one, and the new moon is a wonderful opportunity to do so. Everything in life is cyclical, so it's important to accept the ending of a chapter, the same way you embrace a new beginning.

Mystifying and a muse for witches all over the world, the new moon phase bestows with the blessings, hope, and fertility of a better tomorrow. This lunar phase occurs the moment the moon, the sun, and earth align via the same longitude line, which is why the moon becomes invisible, as seen from earth. Astrologically, this takes place when the moon meets with the sun in the exact same degree of a particular zodiac sign, which in this case is Mercury-ruled Virgo. A symbol of your intuitive mind and inner experiences, the moon is a representation of your unconscious mind, while the sun represents your ego and identity in the physical dimension.

This cosmic occurrence is nothing short of a team effort, and it's not every day you have two ever-glowing luminaries working side by side. In addition to igniting a grounded earth sign, the potency of this lunar phase has the potential to catapult you into a brand new timeline. It's the best form of practical magic. Methodical and responsible, the essence of Virgo comes to life via your daily duties, health routine, and acts of service. It's here to teach you how to leverage your energy, knowledge, and time.

The New Moon's Astrological Aspects

In harmony with Saturn in Capricorn, this lunation brings forth an incredible amount of fertility and earthy goodness. Speaking of earthy, Virgo and Capricorn are both earth signs, and the element earth is a symbol of abundance, sustenance, and stability. The sun-moon in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn is here to help you cultivate the discipline and perseverance you need to succeed. It's time to get organized and work on your due diligence. Something promising is on the way.

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