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The Spiritual Meaning Of October's New Moon Is About Restoration

by Valerie Mesa

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Libra? If you guessed "the scales," you're not wrong. However, despite this air sign's archetype, the meaning of balance is relative, and this is especially significant when referring to the spiritual meaning of the October 2020 new moon. Achieving a sense of harmony is never easy, and the astrological transits taking place during the upcoming new moon prove it, but you can't lose hope, because change doesn't happen overnight.

Disappearing into the sky on Oct. 16 at 3:31 p.m. ET, the moon will renew itself in the justice-seeking sign of Libra, and so can you. During this particular moon phase, the moon sits between the earth and the sun, and though the moon can't be seen from earth, its lack of visibility is symbolic of spiritual renewal. The new moon phase also marks the beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle, which is why its energy is so incredibly potent.

The upcoming new moon directly speaks to themes of Venus-ruled Libra, in that the moon's fertility will help restore the balance, both personally and collectively speaking. Although, as ironic as this may sound, the aspects of this lunation could also get in the way of the harmony you seek. The topic of balance is ever-present during this time, so don't lose your center.

October's New Moon In Libra: Oct. 16, 2020

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Whether you blame it on Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, or Mars square Pluto, October's astrology has one mission: to expose, shed light, and destroy previously set structures and foundations. Timelines are shifting, and there will be no room for old paradigms that aren't in vibrational alignment with the collective's consciousness.

Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto are also direct in Capricorn, which means all themes revolving around the dismantling of toxic systems and old structures are as predominant as ever. You're likely wondering where Libra's equality-seeking energy comes to play amidst the chaos, but this is what makes the upcoming new moon so interesting. Luckily, with so much cardinal energy present, a new beginning isn't too far ahead.

Mars retrograde in Aries is one of the key takeaways of this new moon, especially since it will be sitting directly across both the sun and the moon in a Venus-ruled sign. Naturally, this is one of the many reasons why keeping a healthy balance could seem like a foreign concept during this time. Although, more importantly, the theme of male versus female could also come up during this time.

This ancient battle between the divine feminine (Venus) and the sacred masculine (Mars) will soon come to an end, but it's not going to be an easy ride. Libra's zodiac archetype is a symbol of the divine equilibrium between both, but it's no secret that the sacred masculine is anything but sacred these days, and just because the divine feminine is slowly but surely regaining its strength, there's still a lack of balance.

In addition to the predominant theme of balance, it is crucial that you practice discernment during this time. Savvy Mercury — planet of the mind, thought process, and immediate exchanges — is currently retrograde in Scorpio, but it's also sitting across rebellious Uranus, which means a number of revelations are bound to come to light. Pay attention.