The Spiritual Meaning Of The May 2020 New Moon Is About Your Evolution

The May New Moon In Gemini Is Packed With Spiritual Meaning

by Valerie Mesa
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It's time to turn the page and step outside of your comfort zone. You're a limitless being and you shouldn't settle for anything less. Though the new moon phase typically revolves around new beginnings, the spiritual meaning of the May 2020 new moon takes things one step further. In addition to being an opportunity for spiritual renewal, this Mercury-ruled lunation will bring you the clarity you need in order to put your best foot forward.

Clever and resourceful, a pivotal new moon will disappear into the sky on Friday, May 22, at exactly 1:39 p.m. EST, in the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini. Though the idea of being bestowed with fresh insight and mental clarity might seem boring, it's important to recognize what's being brought to your conscious awareness during this time. If you were driving down a dark road in the middle of the rain, wouldn't you want to see where you were going? The energy of the upcoming lunation is equivalent to that moment when you remember to activate your windshield wipers or decide to turn to Google Maps for more guidance. It will be a eureka-like moment of clarity.

Governed by intellectual Mercury, the messenger God and the planet of communication, cognition, and mental agility, the essence of Gemini's zodiac archetype revolves around the primitive mind. This mutable air sign needs to see in order to believe, which is why its zodiac archetype is often known for being curious, talkative, and intelligent.

New Moon In Gemini 2020: Friday, May 22

When the moon is renewing itself, so can you. The new moon phase marks the beginning of an individual lunar cycle, which is when the moon is sitting between the Earth and the sun. The moon's lack of visibility from Earth is a representation of the incubation period. The process of development is just as fragile as it is potent, and the same goes for the new moon. This lunar phase happens once every month, with the sun and moon meet at the exact same degree of a particular zodiac sign. This creates a powerful surge of kickstart energy and in Mercury-ruled Gemini, this new beginning will likely revolve around communication and your current state of mind.

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Sometimes a new moon can leave you feeling lethargic and gloomy so if you don't feel like setting intentions on this day, don't be discouraged. Instead, take advantage of this energy to catch-up on some rest or simply recharge your batteries. The moon is a symbol of your inner world; it's your sense of nurture and that feeling of emotional security.

Because Gemini is an air sign and air is a symbol of the mind, this lunation could help you become more mindful of your thoughts and self-dialogue. Use this energy to cleanse, clear, and detoxify your mind. Everything starts with intention, but being in the right head space is an essential component to your personal success.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The New Moon In Gemini

Are you ready to open your mind and upgrade your consciousness? During the upcoming new moon, Gemini's planetary ruler Mercury will join forces with Venus retrograde in the same sign. Given that Mercury governs Gemini, its conjunction with Venus retrograde will ultimately affect the energetic theme of this lunation. Mercury governs your mind and communication style while Venus rules all things related to your one-on-one relationships, finances, and values. Together, these two planets will more than likely inspire ideas for creative communication and collaborations. Venus loves art and affection, and Mercury simply wants to relay the message. If you're in a relationship, this energy could trigger an emotional breakthrough via conversation between you and your partner. In addition to reviewing any conversations that could potentially come up during this time, this could also be a good opportunity to reflect on the overall value of your relationship.

Saturn — the planet of limits, structure, and foundations — will be in a harmonious trine with the new moon. Saturn likes to solidify things and make them concrete, so this aspect will provide you with the necessary structure and discipline to move forward with your goals. On the dark side, however, Mercury and Venus will be challenged by Neptune, which could spark misunderstandings or make things seem confusing. Meanwhile, Mars will also square off with the new moon, and this could make you second-guess yourself.

With the new moon approaching, don't lose your focus. Use these energies wisely and follow your intuition.

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