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The May New Moon Will Help You Navigate The Future

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If you follow the constant ebb and flow of the lunar cycle, then you know all about the potent power a new moon holds. As the moon slips behind the shadow of night, it provides you with a blank canvas you can paint on. It wipes the slate clean so you may start again. It's a chance to forgive yourself for your past so you can move forward, liberated from the weight on your shoulders. Life never stops being difficult, but the May 2020 new moon is an opportunity to take a step away from it all and envision a beautiful reality for yourself.

Did you know if you make it a point to start something on the new moon, it'll come to fruition with added power? In fact, you'll see the results of whatever began on the new moon six months later, when the corresponding full moon (or blood moon) takes place. Since this new moon rises in Gemini, a mutable air sign, you'll see how the energy surrounding it plays out when a transformative lunar eclipse in Gemini rises on November 30. An ordinary new moon is packed with intensity. When a new moon is attached to a lunar eclipse? That makes the new moon all the more meaningful. In fact, the themes surrounding it will probably be of major significance and have an indelible impact on your life as a whole. You're on the precipice of an incredible journey, so stay tuned.

Whether you make a point of taking this energy into your own hands by setting an intention to guide you forward or you simply allow the new moon wash to over you is up to you. Let's talk about the astrological forecast surrounding the new moon, because it's way too important not to.

The New Moon In Gemini Takes Place On May 22 At 1:38 p.m. ET

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A new moon in Gemini opens doors you've never considered before. This open-minded and flexible zodiac sign is always willing to embrace something they hadn't thought of or change their mind on something they felt they understood. When this new moon takes place, take a look at your life from a different angle. New details will arise, and although processing all of them may be overwhelming, the information will ultimately be meaningful. With four other planets in mutable signs and dreamy Neptune squaring off with the Venus-Mercury conjunction, this new moon has a slippery energy which could leave your head in the clouds. Don't worry about finding your footing, because you'll drift back down to earth eventually. For now, try to enjoy the view while you float in the sky.

However, no matter how scattered or distracted you probably feel, your heart will be your anchor when you feel lost at sea. The moon is the ruler of your emotional inner world, and the new moon in Gemini is in harmony with transformative Pluto, karmic Saturn, and expansive Jupiter. Whether you realize it or not, you're healing immensely within yourself. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is understand that so many things are out of your control, but it'll all pass eventually. Although there may be anxiety on this new moon, it's helping you come to terms with the uncertainty of life. You might not know how something will end, but you do know there is beauty in spite of it all.

Your inner strength shines on this new moon, and no matter how rough the wind, you are a rock that cannot be shaken. Let this new moon remind you of that.

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