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The Spiritual Meaning Of The Leo Full Moon Is Powerful

by Valerie Mesa

As the moon waxes and wanes, we inhale new beginnings before we exhale them into fruition. So with another full moon on the way, it's important to reflect on the seeds you planted during the new moon. With this in mind, the spiritual meaning of the January 2021 full moon is about the power that exists in your individual sovereignty. Whether it be for creativity or for strength and courage during these tumultuous times, this lunation will serve as a reminder of the endless fire in your heart.

Happening on Thursday, Jan. 28 at exactly 2:16 p.m. EST, one week after Inauguration Day, it's no wonder this year's full moon in Leo is so heavily aspected. However, before we take a closer look at the celestial specs of this lunation, it's important to consider the symbolism behind this climactic lunar phase.

Firstly, every full moon emanates its own unique essence. While the full moon's energetic theme depends on the sun and the moon, aspects that are prominently places can be also be key players.

More importantly, both of these ever-glowing luminaries are the celestial protagonists of this lunar phase, as they make an exact opposition to each other amidst activating an astrological axis in the zodiac. In this particular case, January's full moon will ignite the courageous, majestic, and passionate sign of Leo, while Leo's cosmic ruler (the sun) beams via Leo's polar opposite sign, Aquarius.


The Spiritual Meaning Of The January 2021 Full Moon In Leo

Leo is symbolic of the birth of authenticity, as it is a represents the conscious self. It's where the heart recognizes consciousness, and where we combine our personality and soul energy in order to radiate love. This is the development of the ego and realization of self. Some astrologers dare to say Leo is the most important fire sign in the zodiac. This is because its solar fire is associated with the soul and a higher state of consciousness.

This is especially significant to consider during this lunation, not to mention during these times of uncertainty. When all else fails, remember that you are a divine being. Though every single human being on the planet is entitled to their own opinion and/or political preference, themes revolving around the country's leadership (Leo), as well as the community of people (Aquarius) you surround and associate yourself with will be pivotal all throughout 2021.

Having said that, how can you cultivate your unique talents for the good of humankind? This lunation is taking place just a couple of days before Mercury the messenger stations retrograde in Aquarius, and it will be dominated by a powerful T-Square being led by Mars and Uranus in Taurus. (FYI, Mars is currently transiting through its sign of exile, which means it isn't working at its fullest potential.)

The god of war is frustrated because it can't act on impulse when it's in slow-moving Taurus, so you can already imagine the chaos and friction that occurs when alongside rebellious Uranus. However, Mars-Uranus will not only square off with the moon, but also with the sun-Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius. To say that this lunation will feel tense barely scratches the surface, but in the end it's what's necessary to break through.

The intense volatility of this lunation will highlight the friction that already exists between the need for individual freedom versus human consciousness. Something's gotta give, and this is precisely where the full moon reminds the collective to have courage and embrace individual sovereignty. This T-Square aspect is comprised of fixed signs — so they're all incredibly stubborn in their ways — which means the less you resist the change, the easier it will be.