The Meaning Of The Egg Moon Will Infuse Your World With Optimism

If you needed a reason to keep your spirits up, the promise of the April 29, 2018 full moon will provide you with all the hope you need. This particular full moon is known as the "Egg Moon." Will the moon crack open and drip yolk all over the night sky, you may be wondering? Will a baby bird hatch through the moon's glowing eggshell? Better yet, is the moon going to become a chocolate egg we can all bite into? Well, none of the above, obviously. But the spiritual meaning of the Egg Moon is just as fascinating, I promise.

As you may recall, the full moon in March had a similarly strange name: the "Worm Moon." If you're wondering who labeled each full moon with such fanciful titles, look no further than Native Americans. Instead of abiding by our mundane 365-day calendar to identify the time of year, they allowed the images conjured by the name of each full moon to do the trick. Essentially, each name is inspired by imagery that correlates with the month in which the full moon takes place.

As for the month of April, the full moon is known as the "Egg Moon," likely inspired by all the wildlife, namely birds, finally laying eggs after a long and barren winter. Since April is also the month of Easter, it seems like a no-brainer that this month's full moon would be associated with eggs. Luckily, the full moon will be the one egg we won't have to hunt! Its bright white glow makes it obvious to all who gaze up at the sky.

Of course, there are hundreds of different Native American tribes, and the Egg Moon is just one of several names for the April full moon. Other names include the Fish Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, and Pink Moon. All of these titles invoke images of spring, especially after it has been released from the last few dregs of winter.

Similar to the spiritual meaning of the vernal equinox, the Egg Moon symbolizes renewal and rejuvenation. According to Avia Venefica, the writer behind Symbolic Meanings Blog, the Egg Moon "signifies the birth and creation of new life across the land," and "actually lures the life out of the ground, encouraging sprouts to spring to life." This makes it the perfect time to set off on the right foot, to make necessary changes in your life, and create for yourself a fresh form of happiness. The energy from spring combined with the Egg Moon provides rich soil from which you may grow. The sky is the limit.

As always, a full moon is directly connected to the new moon that happened a few weeks prior. In this case, the April 15 new moon in Aries was the seedling for the Egg Moon in Scorpio, during which all of your dreams and desires will hatch. Whatever intentions you set on the new moon are destined to bloom this Sunday, April 29, under the power of the Egg Moon.

The fact that Aries and Scorpio are both ruled by fiery and passionate Mars makes this lunar cycle unique in its power, as the new moon and the upcoming full moon are both bookended by these signs. You have limitless potential during this time, and by this Sunday, you will understand the immensity of the strength that you're made of.

If all the magic surrounding the upcoming Egg Moon has you inspired, you'll want to set aside time to bask in its rejuvenating glow. According to, the Egg Moon will reach its peak in the night sky at 8:58 p.m. ET. Make a note of it, and make this full moon count. There's no telling what you'll be able to accomplish under such invigorating energy.