You Might Start Feeling More Positive Soon, Thanks To The New Moon In Aries

If life has been a long maelstrom of chaos lately, take a deep breath because things are about to start looking up. For the past few weeks, Mercury retrograde has been wreaking havoc in countless ways, but on April 15, Mercury will finally begin to calm down. You'll relish the sudden burst of vibrant and positive energy that follows, especially because we'll experience the April 2018 new moon in Aries on the same day. Thank your lucky stars because it'll be the source of inspiration you've been searching for.

It's difficult to go after your goals during Mercury retrograde. Its stifling barriers prevent you from starting new projects and making any serious commitments. It's a three-week-long period of holding it together and hoping for the best, all while feeling like nothing important is getting done. It only makes sense that the universe is gifting you with a new moon in Aries to help you get back on track.

A new moon rejuvenates your soul, emptying you of your worries and concerns until you're a fresh canvas that you can paint new dreams upon. The intentions you set on a new moon send you on the course to greatness and the vibrations you put out into the world come back to meet you again by the time of the full moon. The lunar cycle always mirrors spiritual growth — you plant seeds on the new moon and on the full moon, you harvest. Here are a few reasons why this particular new moon will be so bountiful:

The New Moon In Aries

This new moon is in Aries, the sign that contains the most raw and uncontrollable energy in all the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, the ancient god of war, this sign instills you with a sense of ambition and aggression. You won't hold back when going after your dreams during this new moon. Aries fights relentlessly to get its way.

A fire will burn hot beneath the plans you make, which is why you should use this opportunity to take back the reigns in your life. If you haven't felt fulfilled by your journey, this is your chance to shake things up. If you dare to go where you've never gone before, absorb this courageous energy from Aries and take things to the next level.

A new moon is all about new beginnings. Make this beginning a rocket launching you straight into the sky, landing you amongst the stars.

The Sun Conjunct The New Moon

The new moon is always in conjunction with the sun, injecting this day with immeasurable power. These are the two most meaningful planets in astrology. The moon governs your subconscious and the sun governs your overall character. You will feel a powerful connection between your intuition and your brain, an unbreakable link between your mind and your soul. It is often a disconnect between these two parts of your body that leads to confusion and anxiety. Imagine how much you can accomplish when they're seeing eye to eye. On the new moon, they will.

The potential of this day is exacerbated by the fact that the sun and the moon will both be in Aries. Many think of this sign as reckless and without restraint. After containing your energy all throughout Mercury retrograde, who needs self-control? Let your dreams run wild. Shock everyone with your unapologetic honesty.

Uranus Conjunct The New Moon

Uranus shatters routines and rearranges paths. It is the ultimate bringer of revolution. Since this new moon is conjunct Uranus, you can use its energy to pillage your bad habits and set yourself free from toxic behaviors. You are about to embark on a new journey towards self-fulfillment, and this new moon has help from Uranus to make sure you never look back.

If there's anything in your life you'd like to let go of or destroy, Uranus has your back. Make a deal with your intrinsic self to battle your demons for good. They've pestered you for long enough. Now, you're the one who's in charge.