For These 3 Zodiac Signs, The September New Moon May Be Difficult

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You may think that because a new moon represents a new beginning and the release of spiritual baggage, it must be a pleasant experience. Well, not always. Although a new moon means that you're wiping the slate clean and starting over, you might find this new beginning strange and uncomfortable. Considering the astrology that's taking place around this new moon, it makes sense that some may find its energy challenging. This is particularly so for the zodiac signs who will have the worst September 2020 new moon. In their opinion, this new moon might be considered anything but pleasant.

Taking place in practical, logical, and proactive Virgo, this new moon is loaded with conflicting energy. On the one hand, this new moon forms a trine with expansive Jupiter, stabilizing Saturn, and transformative Pluto, which will push you to go out, see the world, and make the most out of your situation. This can feel incredibly motivating, yet equally overwhelming and intense.

On the other hand, aggressive Mars is currently retrograde, which will further the intensity and stir up the frustration. To make matters more complicated, Mars is forming a square with inhibiting Saturn and obsessive Pluto, encouraging you to embrace your worst instincts and push a situation that shouldn't be pushed. Confusion is also imminent, as this new moon forms an opposition with dreamy and disorienting Neptune, infusing the experience with irrational thinking. You may have to fight pretty hard for this new beginning, but if you're willing to fight, the reward will be incredibly worth it. Let the growing pains teach you a thing or two.

Air signs, here's why the upcoming new moon (which takes place on Sept. 17 at 7:00 a.m. ET) may be a bit of a bummer:

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Gemini: You're Looking For The Truth Deep Within Your Heart

This new moon could be quite an emotional experience for you, Gemini. It's forcing you to rethink the way you give and receive compassion. Are you letting your guard down and allowing yourself to be cared for? Are you extending your hand and nurturing those you care about most? You have the power to create a loving center in your life and now is the time to focus on spreading love wherever you can. Whatever you put out there will be returned back to you, so leave a mark filled with care.

Libra: You're Releasing All The Pain You've Been Carrying

Everyone carries memories filled with pain, Libra. You're not weak and you're certainly not alone for still having traumatic experiences that weigh heavily on your mind. While it's impossible to relieve yourself of them all, it's time to let go of the idea that any of these situations were ever your fault. While you can learn from them so that you don't wind up in these situations, know that you went into it with the best intentions and you're only human. Getting hurt is central to the human experience. Why would you ever expect yourself to be something more than human?

Aquarius: You're Investing And Divesting Your Energy

Whatever you choose to focus on will always take precedence in your life, Aquarius. What have you been pouring your energy into without considering your boundaries? Have you been withholding your energy out of fear of commitment? It's time to establish a healthy balance between loyalty to something and loyalty to yourself. What commitments is it time to sever ties with? What commitments are you finally ready to take the leap and sign up for? These are questions that need answering, Aquarius.