Get Your Head In The Game, Because Your September New Moon Horoscope Is Here

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Some chapters begin gradually and gracefully, easing you gently into the transition. Others are rough and tumble, making you work for whatever comes next. This dichotomy describes the various forms a new moon can take, which always represents the beginning of a new cycle and the process of letting go of the past. While it can feel rejuvenating, it can also feel incredibly confusing. However, sometimes the most challenging starts yield the most incredible results and your September 2020 new moon horoscope is proof of that.

Taking place on Sept. 17 at 7:00 a.m. ET sharp, this new moon rises in practical, analytical, and cleansing Virgo. It calls attention to the habits and regimens you live by and your ability to plan for the future and follow through with results. Think of all the ways that you can improve the health of your mind and body. Think of all the ways you can become more productive in your day-to-day life. Nourish yourself by being of service to others, as well as yourself. Virgo knows that every little decision will eventually add up to something big.

The reason a new moon is considered a new beginning is because it's when the sun and the moon meet in the zodiac, forming a conjunction. The sun symbolizes your outer self, while the moon is connected to your inner self. As these two celestial bodies join forces, the powerful combination aligns your spirit with your ego. Take this as an opportunity to plant the seed of a new project or simply speak an intention into existence.

The energy of this new moon may be chaotic due to the frustration of Mars retrograde. However, it's also highly supportive, thanks to a trine the moon will form with stabilizing Saturn, transformative Pluto, and optimistic Jupiter. You are considering some lofty goals and your passion to achieve them. How hard will you fight for your dreams?

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You may be realizing just how much work it will take in order to accomplish your goals. While you should definitely form a plan for success, you should also remember not to sacrifice your well-being for the sake of getting ahead. Your engine will run dry if it's not refilled, so make sure you commit to nourishment and self-care.


You may have a perception of inspiration as though it's based on luck. You may believe you need to wait around for it in hopes that it strikes when you least expect it. But inspiration is a compound effect. It feeds on preexisting creative energy and joy. You don't need to wait around for permission to fully participate in the present moment.


Your focus is drifting over to your family, your home, your roots, and the legacy you're leaving behind. You've inherited strengths and weaknesses from where you've come from and it's up to you to sort through these. Keep what you believe in and begin the process of letting go of the values that don't vibe with you.


You'll never realize what you don't know if you're too afraid to admit there's so much more to learn. Accept where you're at right now, but make a commitment to learning more about whatever subject interests you at the moment. Everyone has to start somewhere, so don't be ashamed of how far behind you may be.

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Think about what brings you comfort and a sense of stability. If you don't have a calm, sturdy center to your life, it's so much easier to slip up. Take a deep breath and pause, focusing on what you need and setting aside all the thoughts and anxieties that don't serve you. Build your peace little by little.


You're entering an important phase of your life and now's not the time to think small. If you believe yourself to be incapable of all the things you'd like to achieve, you will enforce limitations for yourself that were not there before. Set your image of yourself free. You are surprising yourself in countless ways.


The process of healing does not have a direct road map to follow. It all begins with a decision to allow your heart to actually feel whatever it's attempting to feel. Don't stand in the way of your emotions, repressing them until the wound only deepens. Acknowledge your hurt and let this story of healing unfold.


You're realizing that it takes a village in order to make the impossible possible. It's time to rethink your dreams and what your vision of a better world looks like. Enlist the help of other likeminded individuals and accept help from those who share your vision. Together, you can create something you never could have created alone.

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It's time to step into the light, where everyone can see you and all you're capable of. If you're too shy to be seen or you're nervous about failing, you're not seeing things correctly. Let yourself be eager to fail, as failing means you're learning, which means you're so much closer to succeeding than you ever would have been had you never tried at all.


You're tired of monotony and you may feel as though you've outgrown your situation. It's time to open your mind to new perspectives, to try things that are brand new to you, to embrace an adventure with no concept of where you're headed. You don't need to have all the answers right now. What you do need are questions that need answering.


You often hear that you should never give up, but it's important to recognize when you're funneling your energy into a lost cause. Reconsider your commitments and whether the sacrifice is worth what you get in return. It may be time to break ties with something you've moved past so that you can begin something better.


It may be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship in your life. However, in order for that relationship to prosper, you need to nourish the relationship you have with yourself. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated, as you will not accept anything less from a relationship than what you already give yourself.