Ouai & Summer Fridays Collaborated On A Masque Set Every Beauty Lover Will Freak Over

Courtesy of Ouai X Summer Fridays

When I was younger, crossover episodes on TV used to be my jam: nothing, I repeat, nothing has ever been able to top the three-way crossover That's So Sweet Life of Hannah Montana, and to this day my expectations for television are higher beause of it. In the world of skincare, we've now been blessed with a collaboration of equal magnitude, one in which two of the coolest and most Instagram-friendly brands have come together to create a beauty kit that's all I could ask for and more. The Ouai X Summer Fridays Masque Set collaboration is here, people, and literally nothing else matters.

Make space in your bathroom and prepare to rearrange the top of your Christmas list, because once you see this set, you're gonna want it. Jen Atkin, celebrity hairstylist extraordinaire and founder of Ouai Haircare, has teamed up with Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland, two bloggers-turned-beauty moguls and founders of Summer Fridays, to create a very girl boss-approved travel set combining the best of haircare and skincare via everyone's favorite formula: masks. The three ladies are constantly on the go, so it makes sense that they'd know a thing or two about what to pack in a travel bag, as well as how to stay balanced and allot for "Me Time" even with a crazy schedule.

Behold: The Ouai X Summer Fridays Masque Set ($22, coming soon to

The three-piece kit is priced at $22 and valued at $39, and comes equipped with 1-ounce versions of the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask ($48 for 2.25 ounces, as well as the Ouai Treatment Masque ($32 for eight treatments, Both products are undeniable cult favorites: the Jet Lag Mask was Summer Fridays's first launch, and it shot the brand to the top of Sephora's bestsellers. The mask is constantly selling out, not unlike Ouai's Treatment Masque, which is sold out at the moment on their website. The kit also comes with a fluffy white spa-like headband for you to wear while you mask. It's got the phrase, "Chilling out, masking, relaxing," embroidered on the front, and if you don't know that it's a play on words from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song, then you're definitely not going to understand my That's So Sweet Life of Hannah Montana reference from earlier. Yikes.

Courtesy of Ouai X Summer Fridays

The reason this kit is so cool is because it's a small set that still gives you hair and skin treats to enjoy. The Jet Lag Mask — which, to be clear, I use daily and have gifted to friends and family numerous times — utilizes chestnut extract, vitamin C, and niacinamide to hydrate, even out texture, minimize pores, and eliminate dullness. I wore it as a primer underneath my makeup last week, and someone actually asked me if I recently got filler, because "that's how plump and great your skin looks right now," I was told. Needless to say, I have thrown all other primers away and will continue using this one until the day I die. It's one of the few beauty products I can sincerely describe as "worth every penny."

I have just as much enthusiasm about my Ouai products: I spritz my Melrose Place perfume every morning, and unwind with the Treatment Masque every Friday night I opt to stay in, which is honestly most of them. Few hair brands have mastered products that look cool, smell good, and actually work, and Ouai really nails that trifecta.

Another really cute thing about this collab, besides how great the products are? The brands already low-key collaborate on Instagram all the time, always shouting one another out. In a sea of shelfies and product flatlays on both the Ouai and Summer Fridays feeds, you can spot one brand's products making an appearance in the other's posts practically all the time.

Here's a shot from Ouai with the Jet Lag Mask on full display:

And in a similar photo on the Summer Fridays page, Ouai's Wave Spray is the one that's front and center:

These kinds of posts are abundant throughout both feeds, and it's cool to see brands (and brand-owning women!) supporting one another through and through, and ultimately collabing on a product like the Ouai X Summer Fridays Masque Set. If you want to support these girl bosses and treat yourself to the ultimate wind-down experience post-holiday madness, you can pick up the kit on the Ouai website or Sephora's site on December 25, or wait til December 26 for it to launch at Sephora in-stores.