Revlon's New Crystal Aura Collection Is Using Your Fave Stones To Bring You Positive Vibes

Courtesy of Revlon

It seems like practically everyone around me is obsessed with crystals at the moment, and to be honest, I think they're gorgeous, but I reserve my obsessions for beauty-related topics only. That said, the new Revlon Crystal Aura Collection has officially piqued my interest, and finally, I can see what all the crystal hype is about. This packaging and these luminous shades are everything, and the entire collection is inspired by crystals, from their appearance to the good vibes they omit. If you've been looking for a beauty product or two that really speaks to your inner aura, look no further, because Revlon has you covered.

When I think about crystals, I think about the positive energies they omit — and considering the right beauty product can really enhance my mood, I totally get why people stock up on their favorite crystals. It's kind of the same thing, only my collection consists of sparkly shadows and shimmery lip glosses, not rose quartz and amethyst. Luckily, this Revlon collection took major inspo from good-vibes crystals, and this purple-packaged line couldn't be more spot on. It's chock full of shades and finishes that channel a crystal-like look, and I imagine using all the products at once would leave you positively glowing, inside and out.

First in the lineup are the Crystal Aura Liquid Alloy Eye Shadows ($9,, available in four striking shades:

Courtesy of Revlon

First of all: Wow. These shimmering, metallic shades are serious magic. "Bruja's Brew" is a stunning purply pink, "Heal Your Spirit" is a bronzy green, "Palm Reader" is a pinky copper, and "Wicked Potion" is a blackened silvery mix. The liquid-like formula goes on like a gloss, but will dry down to a more vinyl-like finish without sacrificing any sparkle.

These aren't the only glitzy eye products in the collection, though. There's also the Crystal Aura Putty Powder Eye Beams ($9,

Courtesy of Revlon

If you aren't into liquid shadows, these are the superior option for you. Look at that sparkle! "Moonstruck" is an emerald teal, "Fairy Vibes" is the peachy pink of my lid-color dreams, "Mesmerized" is a rich fuchsia berry, and "Sleeping Spell" is a pinky-purple mauve. I'm definitely interested in playing around with this hybrid putty powder texture, and I have a feeling these will look best when using a finger to swipe the product across the lids.

Last in the eye category are the Crystal Aura Crystalized Eye Liners ($9,, available in four shades:

Courtesy of Revlon

Nothing spices up a basic eye look like a pop of metallic liner, so I feel like these are a must for practically everyone. "Life's A Witch" is a shimmery chocolate brown, "White Magic" and "Black Magic" are fairly self-explanatory, and "Charmed" is an icy gold.

And with that, we're onto the lips, including three shades of stunning Crystal Aura Lipstick ($10, :

Courtesy of Revlon

I'm seriously geeking out over these crystal-esque bullets, not to mention the mystical, light-reflecting shades. "Poof!" is a pale baby pink shimmer, "Crystal Glow" is a sheer golden sheen, and "Prism & Soul" is a unicorn-worthy pastel lavender with blue reflex. I can't get enough of these gemstone vibes!

There's also the Crystal Aura Glow Lip Oils ($10,, which are infused with actual rose quartz:

Courtesy of Revlon

First of all, these have to have my favorite packaging of the collection. It's simple and sleek, but still fun with that amethyst-esque purple hue. These babies are sheer shimmers that coat the lip in seconds thanks to their liquid-like oil formula, and I would have one in my bag at all times if I could. "Deja Vu" is a berry fuchsia, "Good Witch" is a true hot pink, and "Pretty Wicked" looks to be an orangey coral.

Home stretch, people! For the face, take a look at the Crystal Aura Glow Gelees ($11,, available in three shiny shades:

Courtesy of Revlon

OK, so I'm obsessed with this glow. I've loved previous jelly-style highlighters from Revlon, so I'll be needing these two stunners to add to my collection ASAP, thx. "Witchery" is a golden pearly pink," and "Happy Glow Lucky" is a dazzling golden champagne.

Last but not least for face, there's the Crystal Aura Liquid Gleam Potion in shade "7 Chakras" ($13,, which the brand calls a "magic elixir for an all-over glow." Like, okay, you had me at "magic elixir," but bring on the glow! Mix the pearly liquid into your foundation for a dewy finish, or wear mixed with moisturizer or on its own for a high-key luminous complexion.

One last finishing touch? The Crystal Aura Crystal Hair Glimmer ($9, comes with a spoolie-like wand (think mascara), and you can brush it on your strands for a fun look that will wash out in the shower. TBH, I can totally see myself using this to add some glitz to a braid, followed by numerous sparkly barrettes. It's a look!

If you're feeling the positive vibes radiating from the Crystal Aura collection, you can shop it now on the Revlon website. If this line has taught me anything, it's that the color of my aura is most definitely something shimmery.