5 Types Of Crystals To Try When You're Newly Single & Don't Know Where To Turn

by Cosmo Luce

Crystal healing is one of my favorite methods for maintaining clarity, balance, and a deep sense of harmony with myself. When I travel, I even bring crystals with me to cultivate a sense of home wherever I go. Different crystals bring different benefits to your life, and after going through a big life change like a breakup, it's important to take stock of your feelings to find out the crystal you need.

After figuring out how this breakup is manifesting for you emotionally, focus on what you want to feel rather than how you feel right now. When you know how you want to feel, you'll be able to select the right crystals to help you turn out bad energy and bring in more healing to your life. Before and after using your crystals, don't forget to cleanse them and recharge them in the light of the new moon and the full!

There are crystals for just about everything that a person can be going through at any given time, and this list is by no means comprehensive. Rather, it's based on the crystals that have helped me after breakups, as well as those that have been recommended to me by healers who are in the know:

1. Obsidian: To Absorb Negative Energy

Luke Mattson/Stocksy

The all-black obsidian crystal helps absorb negative energy and cleanse yourself of toxins and contamination that you may have absorbed from the end of a relationship. The crystal helps stave off depression and will help shield you against negativity. After the change of a breakup, you'll be particularly vulnerable to taking in bad emotions that you don't need; keep this stone with you to ward off psychic baggage that will simply weigh you down.

2. Amethyst: To Help The Nervous System

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I can't get enough of this little healing stone. Amethyst helps balance your crown chakra, and it can safeguard against getting preoccupied or overly hung up on your ex. It cures nightmares and insomnia as well, so it's definitely a must if your ex has been appearing in your dreams. It also promotes sobriety, and basically won't let you get away with drowning your feelings in drink. A breakup can take a toll on your body and be a shock to your nerves; this healing crystal will make sure all your systems stay intact.

3. Selenite: For Luck

Selenite is the crystal I most associate with angels. It invokes protection from your guardians and brings you good luck and fortune. Named after the goddess of the moon, it has a deeply loving energy that brings clarity and healing, as well as enhances your spiritual openness and encourages you to hear your cosmic calling.

4. Lepidolite: To Aid With Feelings Of Grief

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Lepidolite helps you embrace the change that a breakup brings, and helps you transition and release old behavioral and psychological patterns that weren't working for you. If you knew that you needed to break up but are having trouble moving on, this is the crystal that will offer you some relief from feeling "trapped" in your emotions. Its healing and life-sustaining energy will also help you take care of your body as you move through the stages of grief. Loss and change can be painful, and lepidolite will remind you to stay grounded and keep caring for your earthly vessel, lessening the long-term pain of your trials and tribulations.

5. Rose Quartz: To Keep Your Heart Chakra Open

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After a breakup, your heart chakra definitely needs healing. Meditate with rose quartz on your heart chakra to bring a lovely, warm energy back into this region of your body. Rose quartz will repair the damage of your breakup and ensure that you don't keep yourself closed off to love. It will also help you recognize the love that is all around you, and promote general feelings of safety and well-being. This crystal is a must for bringing in the healing kind of love you need to move on.

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