The Perfect Type Of Crystal For You, Based On What You Want From Life

by Lauren Martin

Crystal healing is a religion unto itself. It has bibles, text references, dedicated scholars and historians. There are sacred rituals, practices, and centers for worship. And like any religion, there are those who believe and those who do not. For those who believe, it’s not a matter of proving that the energy and healing properties of crystals exist, it’s a matter of understanding how to use and harness those properties to our benefit. The crystals can help you manifest what you want from life.

If you believe everything on earth is connected and transmits its own energy or life force, then you may just believe in the power of crystals.

Formed under incredible amounts of heat, pressure, and the gradual accumulation of solid substances carried by groundwater, each crystal has an identity and energy unique to it.

Aza Derman, a paleontology and metaphysical specialist at the Astro Gallery of Gems, believes “minerals have positive energy, and that all crystals have differing types of positive energy. Crystals are basically expressions of chemical energy, rather than having energy. One can say they ARE energy.”

As every crystal carries its own energy, every human carries their own ability to extract it. This usage of crystal energy is used more and more widely today in crystal healing.

To understand crystals and their properties, it’s vital to understand chakras. The philosophies of crystals and their healing properties are based on the Chinese concepts of chi (life energy) and the Buddhist concept of chakras — the vortexes of that life energy.

The seven chakras are the centers of our bodies from which energy flows. The seven chakras align vertically along the spine, from its base all the way through to the crown of the head. To keep energy flowing freely throughout the body, every chakra must be open. Blocked energy in any one of the seven chakras can lead to illness or “bad energy.”

Like crystals, the chakras represent different energies and parts of the human condition. The first three represent the physical nature of us — they are the “chakras of matter.” The fourth chakra is the connection between matter and spirit, located at the heart center. The last three chakras represent the spiritual aspect of us — our voice, intuition, and spiritual connection to our higher selves.

The first three represent the physical nature of us — they are the “chakras of matter.” The fourth chakra is the connection between matter and spirit, located at the heart center. The last three chakras represent the spiritual aspect of us — our voice, intuition, and spiritual connection to our higher selves.

Where do crystals fit into all this? To use the energy of a crystal to its maximum potential, it’s important to understand your own energy and where and how it’s created. In crystal healing, specific crystals are used to open specific chakras.

According to Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, the crystals' ability to focus energy means they can be used for specific tasks, such as directing healing energy to a point on the body or to an emotional blockage.

According to Elizabeth Palermo of Live Science, “stones are assigned various properties, Amethyst, for example, is believed by some to be beneficial for the intestines; green aventurine helps the heart; yellow topaz provides mental clarity. During a treatment session, a crystal healer may place various stones or crystals on your body aligned with these chakra points.”

Beyond their physical healing power, crystals can also open up your spirit for receiving gifts of the universe. Feng Shui is an example of this, as people put crystals in their windows and certain areas of the home to open up the energy flow.

The energy of your spirit is connected to the energy of crystals. All you need to do now is figure out what you want and which crystal would be best to help harness it.

Looking For Money? Try Citrine

Known as the merchant stone, Citrine is the crystal of abundance and is closely associated to the third chakra, the power center of the body. Its properties are thought to be good for attention and focus. According to Colleen McCann, a certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner on the benefits of specific crystals, Citrine is a good fortune stone, and suitable for business and work, with beneficial placement at a desk.

Personally, I like to keep my Citrine in a small pocket of my wallet and have another one buried in my money tree. Others believe it’s best to place a small citrine stone on top a stack of crisp dollar bills — symbolizing new money coming in.

Looking For Love? Try Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz activates the fourth chakra — the heart. Worn close to the heart, it can attract unconditional love. More importantly, it promotes self-love. As you should know by now, the best way to attract someone is to be content with yourself.

Rose Quartz begins there, promoting self-love and then, unconditional outward love from those around you. Not only does it attract love, but it also promotes self-esteem and emotional balance while restoring confidence — all valuable traits for finding and keeping love.

Looking For Success? Try Tiger Eye

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Named for its resemblance to the eye of a tiger, this ancient crystal has been used since the Egyptians as the eyes of their deity statues to express divine vision. It was also used by Roman soldiers for protection, it’s long been considered the stone of prosperity and good fortune.

It’s a stone that brings clarity and good vision — opening our eyes and our hearts to receiving prosperous opportunities around us. If you’re an entrepreneur, this is the stone for you.

Stimulating the first through the third chakra, it supports physical vitality, practicality, and maintaining balance between extremes. Many wear Tiger Eye as a bracelet.

Looking For A Fresh Start? Try Amethyst

Sander van der Wel

There’s a reason Amethyst is one of the most common crystals. Now that you’re aware of it you’ll start to see it everywhere. According to Judy Hall, Amethyst is great for cleansing and clearing out toxins. At a subtle level, amethyst balances and connects the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, linking them to the spiritual. It cleanses the aura, transmutes negative energy, and stimulates the throat and crown chakras.

Looking For Good Health? Try Turquoise

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Turquoise may be the most fashionable stone, with its beautiful hues often worn as accessories and adornments. This is no coincidence, however, as it’s one of the oldest known stones, worn by men and women for its healing and protection properties

Known as a strengthening stone, it’s good for exhaustion, depression, or panic attacks, enhancing physical and psychic immune systems,.

According to William T. Fernie, author of The Occult and Curative Powers of Precious Stones, turquoise is influenced by the health or energy of the person wearing it.

Like a mood ring for our health, it will change or lose its color based on the person’s well being. The stronger the hue, the healthier the person. Wear this stone anywhere for extra protection and good health.

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