Wedding Experts Predict The Most Popular Wedding Dates Of 2020

Wedding season means a lot of things: buying presents, finding new ways to style old dresses, and blocking out entire weekends to go see your loved ones commit to their loved one. Of course, if you thought you reached your wedding quota in 2019, I'm sorry to inform you: Wedding season never ends. So, knowing the most popular wedding dates of 2020 can help you get a jumpstart on your own wedding planning — as a bride, a bridesmaid, or just as a responsibility-free guest.

According to Janessa White, co-founder of Simply Eloped, 2020 means wedding dates with strong numerical patterns, "Any date that has a 2, twenty or that equals twenty will be popular," White tells Elite Daily. "Jan. 20, 2020, Feb. 18, 2020, March 17, 2020, May 10, 2020, May 15 2020, June 20, 2020, July 20, 2020. Especially Oct. 10, 2020! We are already completely booked full for elopements in one of our markets on that date." Repeating numbers or dates with a pattern can look super cute on an invitation or sign, and are likely to be a major wedding trend of 2020.


It's important to note that while numerical sequences can be a fun and memorable way to say your vows, White shares that popular dates usually mean more competition when finding your vendors. "If you have a tight budget, I suggest choosing a less popular date," White says. "Vendors and venues will be more expensive if there is a lot of competition."

While attending a wedding takes a lot less planning and preparation than getting married yourself — if you're traveling from out of town or meeting up with old friends at the ceremony, having ample notice of a wedding date can help everyone stay calm. According to Owner and Lead Planner of Hummingbird Bridal and Events, Mandy Connor, checking in with your friends and family before picking a date can be a great way to ensure that the most people will be there to celebrate you and your spouse-to-be. "I would suggest that you call your parents, siblings and best friends to make sure they are free on any of those dates," Connor tells Elite Daily. "It would be terrible to choose a date only to find that your best friends already have travel plans or another event to attend."

Your vision of your dream wedding may already dictate the literal day of your special day (Cue: quote from Bride Wars about June in the Plaza). Still, if you're completely open to when you want to tie the knot, Connor suggests looking at the weather for both the upcoming year and the years prior. "If you really want to dig into your homework, take a peek at the historic weather patterns for that date," Connor says. "While not necessarily accurate, may help you decide against a date that is historically rainy or historically humid." If you know you want an outdoor wedding or you're nervous about having your friends drive through too much snow — having an idea of what the weather may look like can help you choose the perfect date.

Like people from New England drinking ice coffee through winter — weddings happen all year long. Still, in 2020, the experts attest that dates with numerical sequence will have particular popularity. Of course, there is no right time to say "I do." Whether you've always wanted a winter wedding or you see yourself as a Halloween bride — the perfect wedding date is what's right for you.