The Most Popular Wedding Date Of 2018 Has A Sweet Ring To It

by Candice Jalili

If you, like me, felt like there was an abundance of wedding content crowding your social media feeds this past weekend, that's because this past Saturday was the most popular day to get married this year, according to data The Knot gathered from the 1.4 million couples registered on their site. According to their data, the most popular wedding date of 2018 fell on August 18. How many people have to get married in order for one day to be formally known as the most popular day to get married of the year? Well, according to The Knot's data, almost 30,000 couples (28,633, to be exact) registered on their site planned to get married then. So... yeah. You could say that's a lot.

"Everyone is getting married on that day,” Ivy Ha, an Oakland, California wedding planner, told the Mercury News. According to the Mercury News, Ha had a whopping 10 weddings to plan for the particular date, which is more than twice her usual amount.

But why? Why that particular day? Well, according to USA Today, the reasoning behind the date's popularity is threefold.

First and foremost, they explain that it's an easy one to remember. “A lot of couples picked it for the significance of the date, it’s a palindrome month,” Ivy Jacobson, an editor at the Knot, told Time. For those of you unfamiliar with what a "palindrome" is, it means that it remains the same whether you spell it backwards or forwards. So, for example, the date 8 1 8 1 8 is a palindrome because it will always be 8 1 8 1 8, whether you read it backwards or forwards.

The second reason USA Today cites for a possible reason behind the date's popularity is that the number 18 is known to be lucky within multiple different cultures. “Eighteen is a lucky number, especially with Chinese people,” Ha explained to the Mercury News.

When spoken in Mandarin, Ha tells the Mercury News that the number sounds like a phrase that means “certain prosperity."

The number also has significance within the Jewish community, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews tells USA Today. The Hebrew word "chai," which means "life," is spelled using two letters, the eighth and 10th letters of the Hebrew alphabet. When added together, those numbers equal 18.

Finally, USA Today cites the resemblance the number eight bears to the infinity sign as the third reason behind the date's popularity. “The eight is like an infinity symbol," Bart Wilner, the owner of a tuxedo store in San Jose, California, told the Mercury News of the reasoning that one couple gave him for for getting married this past Saturday. "Three eights is super lucky."

Congrats to all the happy couples who were able to get hitched on the "super lucky" date! Next up, The Knot reports we should mark our calendars for October 20, 2018... AKA the second most popular day to get married this year.

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