The most popular wedding date of 2020 is October 10.

The Most Popular Wedding Date Of 2020 Is Mathematically Perfect


There are oh so many reasons to love fall. Depending on where you live, the leaves may start to change colors, your favorite seasonal bevs triumphantly return, and the temperature is pure perfection. So, it should come as no surprise that more and more couples are choosing to tie the knot in autumn. According to a new study from Zola, the most popular wedding date of 2020 will be Saturday, October 10.

Not only have Saturdays always historically been the most popular day to get married (as it’s convenient for guests to travel and they don’t need to miss work), but mid-October is peak fall bliss. It’s not too cold in the north, or too hot in the south, but the season's colorful foliage will likely provide a breathtaking backdrop that only adds to the charm of wedding photos. Those are just a few potential reasons why October may be the most popular month for 2020 weddings, according to Zola’s data. It’s also worth mentioning that wedding guests can dodge the busy summer travel season in October (thus potentially landing cheaper flights and avoiding crowded airports as well as brutal TSA lines).

After October, Zola found that the most popular months to say “I do” are June, May, and September (in that order). As for the other most popular 2020 wedding dates, all of them fall on a Saturday. Following behind Oct. 10 are June 20, Sept. 19, June 6, Sept. 26, Oct. 17, Oct. 3, Sept. 12, May 30, and May 16. Interestingly, Zola’s findings show that there will be five times more Halloween weddings in 2020 — because nothing says romance like zombies and skeletons. What’s more, there seems to be a trend of opting for wedding dates with numerical patterns — for example, 4/4/20, 6/6/20, 8/8/20, and, of course, 10/10/20.


“We’ve actually heard of a lot of couples who had longer engagements so they could get married in 2020," Zola Editorial Manager Lindsay Dolak explained in a press release. "Plus, choosing a date with a special pattern means your partner has literally no excuse to forget your anniversary.”

Dolak makes a fair point — it's tough to forget 10/10. Not to mention, those mathematically perfect dates look visually pleasing on the invitations, and have a certain ring to them. Of course, this is not the first year that couples have been choosing fall over summer for their big day. Back in early 2018, Zola determined that for the first time ever, 40% of all weddings that year would take place during September and October. In 2018, the most popular wedding date was Oct. 20. And in 2019, Zola found that once again, 40% of the most popular wedding dates fell within fall, with Oct. 12 taking the No. 1 slot, followed closely by Oct. 5. Clearly, that second Saturday in October is a sought-after date for spouses-to-be.


If an autumn wedding isn’t realistic for you financially or logistically (or you simply had your heart set on a snowy winter backdrop or pastel summer palette), there’s no reason why you need to obsess over current trends. That said, if you have your heart set on a Saturday October wedding, you may want to get planning sooner rather than later, since in-demand venues in particular can book up over a year ahead of time. There’s lots to love about a rustic fall wedding, but just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s right for you. The reality is that beautiful weddings can happen at any time of year.