5 Reasons A Fall Wedding Is Right For You That Will Leaf You Smiling

Along with choosing the dress, the venue, and the guests to invite, one of the most important wedding decisions any couple can make is what time of year to tie the knot. It certainly goes without saying that every season has its perks, but there are many noteworthy reasons to have a fall wedding. Sure, spring and summer allow for sun-soaked outdoor ceremonies and receptions, and winter not only tends to be more budget-friendly since it’s the off season, it also has some inherently romantic charm thanks to snowfall, twinkly lights, and holiday decor. But honestly, it’s tough to beat autumn. Between the stunning multi-colored leaves, crisp air, and rich palettes, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular times to say “I do.” But is it right for you?

According to WeddingWire, autumn is the most popular time for weddings, with 38 percent of couples choosing to tie the knot during this season. Specifically, October is the most popular month for weddings, followed closely by September. Is it any surprise? A rainbow of fallen leaves provide breathtaking photo ops, and the scents and flavors of the season can trigger some serious nostalgia. Besides, it happens to be cuffing season — which may be we many of us associate fall with romance. Of course, a fall wedding isn’t right for everyone. But if you've been thinking about exchanging vows during this super popular transitional season, consider the following perks.

The weather is important to you.
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Between September and November, the weather tends to be ideal — just warm enough to potentially have the option for an al fresco cocktail hour, but not so hot that you’re sweating through your designer gown. You likely don’t have to worry about a blizzard impacting your big day, but you also don’t have to worry about sky-high temperatures leaving grandma feeling faint at your outdoor ceremony.

Also, depending on where you live, the humidity tends to be pretty low during fall — which poses a major beauty perk. Not only is your 'do more likely to stay frizz free and securely in place, but your makeup is less likely to melt off.

It has a special significance to you.
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Maybe you and bae met at a Halloween party, or had your first date at an apple orchard in October. Or, maybe PSLs are your go-to beverage, and you’ve just always had an affinity for the season. Regardless of why, if fall has a special meaning for you personally or your relationship, it could be the perfect time to get married. The nostalgia that’s attached to the season will no doubt make your wedding that much more special. Plus, your anniversary will then fall during your favorite time of year.

You adore earth tones or jewel tones.
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Choosing the color palette for your wedding usually means giving some special consideration to the season it’s occurring in. While there are no set rules around what colors you can include, of course, spring and summer weddings are more likely to feature pastels, and winter weddings are more likely to include rich, dramatic hues like navy blue, deep emerald, or dark violet. So, when you imagine your dream wedding, what colors do you see? If you’re a big fan of gold, sage green, rust, burgundy, and other earth tones and jewel tones, then a fall wedding may be right for you. These rich hues mimic those found in nature during this season — not to mention make for striking photographs. Plus, fall weather presents some unique style possibilities: A pair of booties or a vintage shawl make for the perfect accessories to an eclectic bride's gown, as does a berry-stained lip. You can even rock a dress that has sleeves.

You're concerned about convenience.
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Another factor to consider when choosing when to have your wedding is how convenient it will be for guests. It could be argued that during summer, many people take more time off, but because of that, they also may be traveling quite a bit more. During the winter, many people are dealing with the stress of holiday shopping and prioritizing spending time with family. As a result, fall is a pretty ideal time to have your wedding. There aren’t any major holidays to work around, and those invited are less likely to have a conflicting trip or obligation during this time of year.

You have a limited budget for decor.
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If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on decorations for your reception, note that fall offers up some easy ways to make your wedding look gorgeous without totally gutting your bank account. All it takes are some clear cylindrical vases filled with pine cones, a few birch branches or decorative gourds, and some ivory tea lights to make a table look aesthetically pleasing — and all of those things cost less than buying elaborate bouquets of flowers. You could also make use of the colorful leaves, artfully placing them within the centerpiece, or including one on each name card for the place settings. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fall-inspired wedding decor.

Spring, summer, and winter may boast some seriously stunning weddings, but fall weddings come with their own notable perks as well. From perfect weather and jaw-dropping scenery to hearty seasonal fare and unique style possibilities, it makes sense that it's the most popular time of year to say "I do." As for whether it's right for you, consider these aforementioned factors. The next step? Researching spiked cider recipes and autumn-inspired centerpieces, of course.