10 Incredibly Stunning Photos Of Winter Weddings That Will Take Your Breath Away

There's something extra magical about winter weddings. I'm not sure if it's the snow, the chill in the air (an excuse for the happy couple and their guests to get extra cozy with one another), or the opportunity to pair wedding gowns with (faux) fur, but my goodness. There are few things I love more than scrolling through winter wedding photos (for hours) on Instagram.

A few years ago, my best friend tied on the knot on a rainy, wintery afternoon in February, and everything about that day was absolutely stunning. (Well, maybe not the fact that I got drunk on white wine and made out with a groomsman in a campground bathroom. But that's another story for another time.) The venue was a charming log cabin on a lake in Florida, guests watched the ceremony bundled up along oak benches — with mist in their eyes and the air, and the tables were set with s'mores kits and an abundance of candles. It was perfect, and exponentially increased my appreciation for cold weather, weddings, and the combination of the two.

If you're currently planning some winter nuptials yourself — or if you just enjoy scrolling through gorgeous wedding photos like I do — here are 10 winter wedding shots that are sure to give you both heart eyes and envy.

This wedding looks like something out of a storybook.

I mean...

Everything about these photos looks like they were plucked from the pages of a Scandinavian fairytale — from the antlers to the fur stole to the deep red of her bouquet juxtaposed against the snowy landscape. I also love the ferocity of this bride's expression — it makes me think she's a Viking princess or wedding warrior or something, don't you think?

Speaking of story books... there anything more charming than a venue covered in snow? (No. The answer is no.)

This bride and groom totally have ~the look of love~ in their eyes, and it's making me so happy.

I mean, just look at the sheer joy on the bride and groom's faces! Not to mention that bright white fur stole and the sparklers (every wedding needs sparklers!). Everything about this photo is warming my cold, unfeeling heart.

This couple's taking their love to new peaks (Get it? Because of the mountains?).

This wedding swaps bold colors and fierce expressions for a much softer palette and poses, but I am just as much in love with these photos. The dusty blush of the bride's gown, the snowy peaks in the background, the way these two are nuzzling. Gah. Be still my heart.

I'm such a sucker for animals at weddings, especially pups. Personally, my dream is that my dog will wear a tiny customized tux and walk me down the aisle (it's totally plausible, OK?).

But beyond the pups, look at this couple. Blair Waldorf's not the only bride that can pull of a muted blue gown, ya'll.

Can you think of any combination more luxurious than pink fur, Champagne, and diamonds?

Neither can I. And I would like for this to be my every day aesthetic, please.

Then again, this wintery red and gold combo sure is lovely.

So many beautiful color combinations, so little time.

This bride is all bundled up.

They just look so gosh darn cozy and in love!

Feeling inspired and awe-struck? Same. Excuse me while I spend the next several days planning hypothetical winter wedding ceremonies on Pinterest (and congrats to all of you lucky winter brides-to-be!).

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