Mejuri's Menagerie Collection Features Animal Pendants & Symbolic Meanings

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Courtesy of Mejuri

Every single time I think my small-but-mighty jewelry collection is finally complete, the design geniuses over at Mejuri debut another collection I just can't refuse. As a die-hard lover of all things bread, I thought for sure their recent Croissant Collection would reign as my all-time favorite range, but the gorgeous pieces in the new Mejuri Menagerie Collection are just are lovely, and the meaning behind each symbol is so special. (Spoiler alert: If you don't want to be tempted into buying beautiful jewelry, it's best you not keep reading this article.) If you are in the market for some new pieces, then by all means, carry on.

While I love my classic chain rings, bracelets, and earrings from Mejuri, my favorite pieces from the brand are the ones designed with special meanings. Take, for example, their beautiful zodiac collection, or their gemstone collection, inspired by crystals with positive energies. This time around, their new Menagerie Collection focuses on three animal-inspired symbols: the scarab, the fish, and the snake.

You can wear all the different animals at once, or choose based on what each symbol represents:

Courtesy of Mejuri

Scarabs represent protection for the wearer:

Courtesy of Mejuri

In addition to Scarab Earrings, there's also a Scarab Necklace:

Courtesy of Mejuri

Scarab jewelry was especially popular in Ancient Egypt, but Mejuri's 2019 take on the is much smaller, more gold, and much more dainty. The collection includes the Scarab Necklace in 14k gold and gold vermeil, as well as the Scarab Earrings in gold vermeil.

Next up is the snake, meant to symbolize rebirth:

Courtesy of Mejuri

Even though Taylor Swift rebranded from a snake to a butterfly to symbolize a new era of music, snakes technically represent rebirth all on their own, given that they quite literally shed their old skin and move forward. The collection includes one gorgeous Snake Ring in 14k gold. Personally, I love that detailed texture.

Last but not least is the fish, meant to represent creativity:

Courtesy of Mejuri

As a creative Pisces myself, the fish as a symbol of creativity makes perfect sense to me — so that's why I want this piece the most. The collection includes the Fish Necklace in 14k gold, and I can't get over how good that 3D fish pendant looks. Should I buy it? I think I'm buying it.

BTW, if you aren't sure about the difference between 14k gold and gold vermeil, allow me to break it down:

Courtesy of Mejuri

So that everyone can shop Mejuri, the brand creates pieces in different calibers of material so you can find get you want in your ideal price range. More expensive pieces are 14k solid gold, so you can wear them all the time without worrying about tarnishing or major scratching. Their more affordable pieces are gold vermeil, which means they're sterling silver with a thick coating of 18k gold overtop. To keep these pieces looking good as new, it's best to avoid wearing them while sweating, swimming, or showering.

I have both 14k gold and gold vermeil pieces from Mejuri, and I can confirm both are stunning.

Courtesy of Mejuri

The entire Menagerie Collection ranges in price from $65 to $300, and launches on the Mejuri site on October 14. If you want to be one of the first to know when the pieces are live, you can sign up for the waitlist now.

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