Yes, Mejuri Just Released A New Line Inspired By My One True Love, Croissants

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Courtesy of Mejuri
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There are few things on this earth I love more than croissants — they're always there for me, they never disappoint me, and I love them in all their iterations. I'm into fluffy croissants, flaky croissants, almond croissants, even ring-shaped croissants, and if that last one grabbed you're attention, you'll be psyched to know Mejuri's croissant-inspired jewelry collection is as gorgeous as IRL croissants are delicious. Plus, pieces start at just $65, which is a lot cheaper than a trip to Paris, if you know what I mean.

I've never been much of a ~jewelry girl~, but a few months back, I started looking into Mejuri after growing jealous of my friends' collections. I envied not their most luxe or expensive pieces, but the ones so special, they never took them off. I know I'm not the only one with pals who have worn the same sentimental necklace, ring, or earrings since high school, right? I've long searched for the right dainty gold pieces to satisfy me in this way, and after picking up my first something-specials from Mejuri, I can honestly say they haven't left my fingers, nor my earlobes.

Just when I finally feel ready to add to my collection, BOOM: Mejuri drops the most iconic jewelry of the year, just in time.

Courtesy of Mejuri

Croissant-themed jewelry. What a concept! I mean, I tend to include a nice, fluffy croissant in my Instargram flatlays just as often as a gorgeous pair of earrings, so the inspo source makes sense. Plus, croissants give off an inherently Parisian chicness, and Mejuri's pieces always suit this vibe as is.

The collection includes bracelets, rings, and earrings, in four different finishes:

Courtesy of Mejuri

If you're a bougie Parisian betch, I recommend the 14K gold or white gold, the brand's most expensive jewelry tier, as it truly is the nicest. If you're seeking those wear-for-forever, never-take-them-off pieces, this is the move, as you can sweat and shower with them on and have zero tarnishing issues. A more affordable option is the gold vermeil, which is basically a layer of 18K gold atop sterling silver. This option really cuts costs and still looks incredible — if you're a true silver fan, you can snag classic sterling silver styles as well.

Alrighty, I've set the groundwork. Now, let's gush over the styles!

Courtesy of Mejuri

The real must-haves in the collection are the rings, if you ask me. The Croissant Dôme Ring ($65, is available in sterling silver and gold vermeil, as is the Croissant Dôme Pinky Ring ($65, a version that's just as adorable and comes in tiny sizes for your smallest finger.

The pricier rings are a touch thinner, but still incredibly croissant-like, don't you worry. The Thin Croissant Dôme Ring ($315, comes in 14K gold and white gold, as does the Thin Croissant Dôme Pinky Ring ($315,

Moving right along, the collection also features the gorgeous Croissant Dôme Earrings ($65, in gold vermeil and sterling silver. These are the perfect little hoops for an everyday statement, although I admit looking at them makes me crave a pastry.

Last but not least, the collection rounds out with the beautiful Croissant Dôme Bracelet ($105,, available in gold vermeil and sterling silver. Leave it to Mejuri to officially make bangles chic again! I can't say no to a good arm party, and a croissant-themed arm party is too good to be true.

Obsessed? Who could blame you! Shop the entire pastry-themed Croissant Dôme Collection on the Mejuri website right now.

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