Here's The Gemstone Necklace You Need From Mejuri's New Collection, Based On What You Want In Life

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Courtesy of Mejuri
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Almost every time I've complimented any friend's dainty gold jewelry in the past month, the reply is always the same: "Thanks, it's by Mejuri!" Seriously, I couldn't understand how everyone was looking so effortlessly chic in their layered gold chains and understated rings, but after visiting their Soho shop and trying out a few golden goodies myself, I'm now a proud member of the Mejuri fan club. That said Mejuri's New Gemstone Collection has been marked as "High Priority" on my To-Buy list, and the only thing that's stopped me from making a purchase already is trying to pick which pieces I want the most. Fortunately, the line includes a built-in way to shop for what suits you best. All the jewelry features gemstones that give off different vibes and reminders, so choosing your pieces based on your goals is a great way to choose if, like me, you think they're all really pretty and can't pick a favorite.

Like I said, Mejuri is a brand obsessed over by pretty much everyone I know. Their pieces look as gorgeous on the wrist or around the neck as they do in a flatlay, and that's really all I'm after, so they check all my boxes. A lot of my friends already have their classic pieces, though, so I'm planning to pick up the newer styles to stand out and garner some compliments of my own. The Gem Collection is right up my alley, and the simple pieces with gemstone accents couldn't be more lovely.

The first half of the collection are the gorgeous necklaces, available with four unique crystals:

Courtesy of Mejuri

Shoppers can choose between Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, and Black Spinel:

Courtesy of Mejuri

See what I mean? All four stones are gorgeous, so if one in particular doesn't catch your eye, you can select your fave according to the good energies it promotes. Blue lapis symbolizes wisdom, truth, and good judgement, while rose quartz offers loving, compassionate vibes. Blue lace agate is all about calm, peaceful clarity, and black spinel helps a wearer find balance, ideal for anyone with a hectic schedule.

BTW, the Gem Collection Necklaces ($79, are all under $100 apiece:

Rounding out the collection are two adorable, gemstone-dotted bracelets that look fantastic solo or layered:

The bracelets only come in blue lace agate and black spinel, so they're especially great for anyone seeking clarity or balance — or, you know, just a really cute new bracelet:

Courtesy of Mejuri

The Gem Collection Bracelets ($55, would also make fab gifts, if you ask me:

Me, reeking of good energy thanks to my Mejuri jewelry and a positive attitude:

Chic, uplifting, and reasonably priced? This collection is it, people! And you can shop it all on the brand's website as we speak. If this hasn't convinced you to join the Mejuri fan club, I'm truly not sure what will, but I don't have time to dwell on it — I'm too busy living my best life and spreading good gemstone energy, whilst perfectly accessorized, thank you very much.

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